Certified Angel Card Reader Services

Greetings everyone! Welcome to Prism of Consciousness.My name is Daniel Rodriguez. I live in Houston, Texas and am a Certified Angel Card Reader.

Below are my current offerings (each are $30 USD):

ANGELIC GUIDANCE READING – This is a reading for those seeking the words of love and wisdom from the angelic realm. It can be used to answer all types of concerns in your life. Some examples are: How do I mend a broken relationship with a loved one? What guidance do you have for me to attract more of what I desire (new partner, financial abundance, etc.)? Why do I feel like I am stuck or dissatisfied with life?

UNICORN CRYSTAL READING – A high-vibrational road map for the next twelve months of your life, with a central theme and specific guidance for each quarter. I use a special unicorn oracle deck, and grid the card spread with crystals that I intuitively select, with a description of each crystal’s specific properties to give you extra spiritual support for the year ahead.

ASK THE ASCENDED MASTERS – For those who have a specific question and desire a channeled answer. I use a particular deck to intuitively pull cards, then channel the Ascended Masters represented on them to provide you a written response. This is a reading of a more esoteric nature, although it can be used to answer any question for which you are seeking their guidance. Examples of this kind of reading can be found on this blog.

PAST-LIFE ENERGY READING – What experiences and patterns from past lives are showing up in your current reality? This can be an open-ended reading, or related to any concerns you may have. It will give you clarity and understanding. Do not be surprised if some details from a past life or two come through!

If you would like to book a reading, you can email me at contact@prism-of-consciousness.com. I also have a Facebook Group called Prism of Consciousness, if you want to find me there.

There is no time commitment on your part! Readings are sent to you by email. Contact me for more details. I accept payments via PayPal and Venmo.

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