Question from Melissa:

What is the best nutrition I can give myself? I can easily skip meals and go the whole day without eating. Is there anything nutritionally that my body needs or can benefit more from?

Answer from the Ascended Masters:

Dear Melissa,

We honor your question about nutritional needs.

Ascended Masters White Tara, Oshun and Green Man step forward to offer their loving guidance.

White Tara:

Unlike many of your fellow human beings, you are not driven to absent-mindedly overconsume food, a tendency that stems from some past lives when starvation was prevalent. Your expression of past life energy is different, and so you do not suffer from an unhealthy attachment to food.

Since you consume far less food than most people, others may question your health, not fully understanding that you of a different vibration and frequency, one that is less dense and thus requires less caloric intake.

If you feel that you are actively listening to your body’s needs, then fear not the misperception that you are lacking in nutrients.

I will point out that nutrition is but one consideration with regard to your health and vitality.

Dear Melissa, maintaining your balance is the same as being in the flow. So within, so without. The proper ratio of intake and outtake is key.

Even those who are generally healthy and adequately nourished are encouraged to fine-tune their physical vessel. You may find a traditional Chinese foot bath detoxification to be of great benefit.


Sister White Tara points out your healthy relationship with food, as you are a conscious eater who only consumes when she is hungry. You are like the leopard next to me, as we are depicted on the card. Felines in the wild are not prone to overconsumption.

Like some felines, you live in an arid region of the world. In such places, the flow of water is not as plentiful.

Your need for water extends beyond drinking it. Indeed, your body, mind and spirit are called to the water, to be near it, and immerse yourself every now and then.

In the background of my image is a beautiful waterfall cascading over the rocks.

Drink from the Source, our beloved.

Experience the special oneness connection you only can feel by standing near water, and bathing in it.

Seek out the Source as it manifests through water, be it a waterfall, a lake, or the ocean.

Green Man:

As Oshun suggests, you are to connect to water in nature. You can visit a spa, swim in a pool, but this is simply not the same as experiencing the element of water in natural surroundings.

We invite you to plan a trip that involves an immersion in nature, in a setting that not only includes water, but also a forest.

Did you know that you have Seven Bodies? You possess a Physical Body, an Emotional Body, a Mental Body, an Astral Body, a Free Will body, a Celestial Body, and a Spiritual Body.

All of your Bodies can be brought into alignment, in varying degrees, through walks in nature.

There are many connections to be made in the forest, far beyond that which you experience through your physical senses.

There are Elemental beings waiting to connect to you in Nature. Forest Fairies, you may call them. Do you desire a connection to the magical dwellers of the forest?

Your Inner Child is nourished when she can play, roam free, bathe in the water and the sunlight, and create the magic of Wellness for herself.

With all of our love,

We are the Ascended Masters

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