The Delphic Oracle VI: Pleiadian Origins

Before we discuss the Pleiadian origins of the Delphic Oracle, we wish to discuss something that we consider to paramount to humanity’s collective understanding during this time of the Great Awakening that is occurring on your planet. Many in the first wave of Ascension speak of Starseeds, or souls from other planets and dimensions who have chosen to incarnate on Earth to assist in the Ascension process. These incarnated beings possess light codes which are being activated, causing them to come “online” as the collective consciousness shifts and expands.

In truth, there have been a great many seedings throughout humanity’s existence, including the various myths and legends. When extradimensional entities were called to Gaia to help speed up the evolution of Homo sapiens, the consensus was that humans would have from the beginning the awareness that they were not alone in the Universe as sentient beings.

Since Homo sapiens developed as a third-dimensional species, thus residing in duality, the illusion was created that they were separate from God. It was therefore decided that each tribe of humanity would revere mythological Gods and Goddesses, in various forms and with specific names. It was also decided that no matter their differences, the mythology native to each region of the planet would have parallels to each other region, through the creation of mythical archetypes. It was important that humanity gain cosmic awareness through similar channels, in preparation for the Ascension that would occur millennia into the future.

Because of the similarities, each myth and legend could be exported to other populations across the planet, such as the cult of the Egyptian Goddess Isis which was widespread in the Greco-Roman world.

The Higher Entities who seeded the myths and legends did not do so to control humanity. Rather, they served the desire of Source Consciousness to observe itself.

From Source Consciousness emanates rays of light that awaken and nourish the seeds of awareness throughout the Universe. Each holographic form of Consciousness disperses its own light, like a prism, and the spectrum of that light reflects infinitely. This generates the expansion of All That Is.

Every spiral of Creation is designed to allow for the expansion and reflection of Source. As humanity evolved, it began to develop its own tools and technology. As part of its own Intelligent Design, humanity in contemporary times has largely diminished its belief in the ancient deities.

The Gods and Goddesses retreated to their respective dimensions, in order to allow humanity to enter its new phase in the Ascension process. In this time of awakening, human beings are shifting in consciousness once again.

It would be a mistake to believe that the Ascension requires that humanity shed all of its old beliefs and ideals. Like ancient grains, they continue to provide nourishment. Each of you has the potential to gain awareness from them, as you experience the shift in your own consciousness.

We now turn our attention to that which preceded The Oracle at Delphi. Ancient Greek folklore spoke of the Pleiades, or the seven daughters of the titan Atlas and the sea-nymph Pleione.

The Pleiades (1885) by Elihu Vedder

Not by coincidence, Pleiades is the name of an open star cluster in the constellation Taurus. This star cluster is prominently visible in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter, and was known to other ancient civilizations such as the Celts, Maori, Mayans, Aztecs, the Sioux and the Kiowa, among others. In the Mediterranean Sea, the Pleiades star cluster’s position in the night sky was used in antiquity to determine the sailing season.

The seven Pleiades sisters were each pursued by the giant huntsman Orion after their father Atlas was forced by Zeus to carry the heavens on his shoulders. Zeus took pity on the Pleiades sisters. He first transformed them into doves, then into stars, immortalizing them in this manner.

Pleiades Star Cluster

It was believed that one of the sisters, Merope, was lost, due to an astronomical event in which one of the stars in the cluster was, at least for a time, no longer visible to the naked eye. In truth, nothing in the Universe is ever lost. If it is no longer visible, it is no longer a vibrational match to the observer. This is not to say that it will never re-appear in the future; it is only that its “absence” is serving a greater or higher purpose.

In truth, there is, and has always been, a cosmic connection between the Pleiades star cluster and Gaia. One manifestation occurred at the site of an Oracle more ancient than the one at Delphi. Called Dodona, it was located on the eastern slopes of Mt. Tomaros, and was dedicated to Zeus and Dione, who was believed to be the mother of Aphrodite and also associated with the sea. The oracular tradition involved what were believed to be prophetic utterances from the rustling of the wind through the leaves oak trees. A group of soothsayers served Zeus, while Dione was served by priestesses known as the “Peleiades” which means doves.

Greek Girls Picking up Pebbles by The Sea (1871) by Frederic Lord Leighton

Some of your scholars dismiss the connection between the Pleiades, the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione who were transformed into stars, and the Peleiades, the priestesses of the Oracle at Dodona. They quibble over etymology, ignoring Zeus as the common element, especially in regard to the myth that the Pleiades sisters were first transformed into doves before becoming a star cluster.

The Peleiades priestesses of Dodona slept on the ground and never washed their feet, so that they could always be one with Gaia. These holy women grounded themselves, as many of you are inspired to practice today by walking barefoot on the earth.

Zeus was worshipped at Dodona as Zeus Naios or Naos, god of the spring below the oak. This is yet another connection to water.

Before Delphi, Dodona was the most important Oracle in Ancient Greece. Much like Delphi, it was visited by individuals from many lands throughout Magna Graecia. The prophecies themselves involved simple matters, unlike those at Delphi that regarded important decisions by leaders and other statesmen.

We would like to conclude this communication by pointing to what you would call the elephant in the room- the Pleiadians, the “Nordics” or “tall whites” as you call them. They are from the Pleiades star cluster, and are assisting humanity with the process of spiritual transformation. Many indigenous tribes in North America connect to the Pleiadians, believing them to be their own ancestors. Cherokee legends refer to indigenous peoples as “star seeds” who have a mission of bringing light and knowledge.

The Dakota call the Pleiades star cluster the “Tiyami” or abode of the ancestors, and that when one dies, they go to live in the Pleiades. They have a legend about the Pleiades that is similar to the one from Ancient Greece. In their variation, the Dakota tell of seven maidens who were pursued by a bear. The girls prayed to the gods, who responded by raising the ground under their feet high into the air. The angry bear clawed at the elevated ground, leaving marks. It finally gave up and left. The maidens were then transformed into stars in the night sky for eternal safekeeping. The place where they stood to escape the bear is believed to be Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, which has vertical striations that resemble the marks of bear claws.

Devil’s Tower in Autumn

Many of the Intergalactic Beings of Light, such as the Pleiadians, are assisting humanity during the Ascension, and this in connection with your spiritual evolution.

You developed long ago the technology to navigate Gaia on your own. You no longer need to look to a star cluster to determine when to set sail, etc.

Now is the time to shift your focus to how these distant stars connect to you spiritually, as you ascend. You have developed many modalities for psychic exploration, using energy in its purest form. Now is the time to upgrade your software and expand your energy field.

As you shift from duality to oneness, remember that your body is your vehicle of exploration, not simply a means of sustaining life. Also remember that you are infinitely connected to all of the Multiverse. There is a great amount of light and knowledge to gain. Empower yourself and feel the freedom to learn all about yourselves as Multidimensional Beings.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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