Ascension Symptoms

In this time of awakening, more and more of you are experiencing the physical manifestations that you call ascension symptoms. This has become an attractive topic for discussion, as you collectively question aspects of these symptoms, and what they mean in relation to your spiritual progression. We would like to shed some light on this subject for your greater understanding. As each of you expand in awareness, you develop more sensitivity. Your intuition grows, and this facilitates discernment, an important tool for your soul work. It will become increasingly apparent that physical ailments and wounds serve a necessary purpose for you, and therefore you will be intrigued about what possible message your body is giving you. You will want to determine if a symptom is indicative of an important lesson to be learned, a fear related to what you see going on around you, or a purging of negative energy as you energetically shift. This may lead to confusion, and perhaps a desire to gravitate towards “ascension symptoms” as the first explanation. We ask you, at this point, to collectively remember what experiences before you had this label of “ascension symptoms.” This is of vital importance when you feel an urge to decipher the meaning of the dis-ease and then attempt to energetically cure yourself by raising your vibration. In doing so, you attempt to short-circuit your body’s healing process and decrease the window of time it requires. We advise you not to surpass the body’s healing, but to surrender to it. You cannot simultaneously resist and increase your vibration. The Universe does support resistance in any form. In resistance, you simply ask The Universe for more severe symptoms of greater duration. It may seem counterintuitive to practice discernment of the symptoms only to refrain from bypassing them in a conscious manner, but this is important for the purpose of letting go.

Please understand that we do not advise against seeking medical and holistic help, when needed. We simply ask you to consciously surrender to your body’s innate ability to heal itself. The body you have may be the thousandth that you have inhabited, but this is also true for each of its cells, for they leave and re-enter physical reality like you do. You have trillions of healers working for you.

You may resist being confined to bed rest. We gently remind you of all the enjoyable things you can can explore in this comfortable state. Allow your body to do the work it was designed to do, as you surrender yourself to this state of decreased energy.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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