The $4,444.44 Tip – A Lesson in Spiritual Manifestation

On Jan. 7 2023, a man named Jesse O’Dell goes through a Starbucks drive-thru in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He orders two beverages, ones for himself and one for his wife. When presented with the computerized tip option, he selected “no tip” and due to an error, a tip of over four thousand was charged to his credit card, along with the $11.83 cost for both drinks. … Continue reading The $4,444.44 Tip – A Lesson in Spiritual Manifestation

Why Call Upon the Angels?

As I stated in a previous blog post, I have recently been connecting to the angels in my daily life, asking for their aid and assistance. There have been many signs and synchronicities that have manifested, for which I am profoundly grateful. I call upon them individually and collectively, and it brings me profound joy to know they are always there to call upon. Now, … Continue reading Why Call Upon the Angels?

The Stone of Opportunity

“We are divine enough to ask and we are important enough to receive” – Wayne Dyer I learned a couple of weeks ago about some funds connected to my deceased parents.  As part of the process for securing the funds, I had to identify for the lawyer a “disinterested person” who knew my parents and could sign some affidavits in the presence of a notary. … Continue reading The Stone of Opportunity