The Rose Essence of Love

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, scribed The Bard of Avon. And yet the rose bush endures, bringing forth new blooms to add color and fragrance to each new season. What is your perspective on this? Is not the bush still sacred when its rose essence lies dormant? The heart is like that rose bush. Each flowering inevitably fades, leaving behind only leaves and thorns. … Continue reading The Rose Essence of Love

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Certified Angel Card Reader Services

Greetings everyone! Welcome to Prism of Consciousness.My name is Daniel Rodriguez. I live in Houston, Texas and am a Certified Angel Card Reader. Below are my current offerings (each are $30 USD): ANGELIC GUIDANCE READING – This is a reading for those seeking the words of love and wisdom from the angelic realm. It can be used to answer all types of concerns in your … Continue reading Certified Angel Card Reader Services

The Bridge Across the Void

Question from Ellen: Why do I feel this pause in my life…? Answer from the Ascended Masters: Dear Ellen, We honor your question about the pause in your life that you are feeling right now. When things lie dormant within you, it can seem troubling, especially as life around you hums and buzzes with its normal vigor. Ascended Masters Kuthumi, Serapis Bey and Apollo step … Continue reading The Bridge Across the Void