Ask the Angels Part II

This is a follow up to my earlier post “Why Call Upon the Angels?” My angel friends have been tapping me on the shoulder to expand upon it, in their friendly but insistent manner. As it turns out, today is the perfect day for that.

Earlier today, I had a manifestation event that reminded me exactly why I feel so passionately about asking the angels for their divine assistance.

Before I started my day, I used one of my special aura sprays (Angels of Atlantis) and asked the angels to aid and assist me today. I didn’t have anything particular in mind, just asked for their help.

Rewind to yesterday afternoon. I happened to catch an Instagram livestream from a local metaphysical shop. They offered at first look at several crystals they acquired at the annual gem and mineral show in Tucson, and offered the livestream viewers a chance to indicate their interest in a particular item or items. I saw some blue onyx palm stones that had just been unpacked but not yet priced, and asked to have three particular ones held for me to look at in person.

I passed by the shop late this morning, gave my name and asked to see the palm stones. The employee that helped me yesterday via the livestream went to retrieve them, but only came back with two. The third one, with the most intense blue color of the three, seemed to be missing. That was the one I was the most interested in. She apologized and speculated that perhaps it was grabbed by someone else by mistake.

I decided to look around the shop some more, and in the meantime was feeling kinda pissed, to be perfectly honest.

I was really struggling, because the employee who helped me seemed very nice, and I did not want to seem unkind, but at the same time I was really bummed.

Suddenly, she reappeared with the “missing” palm stone in her hand. She said that it has been taken to a back room area to verify the price on it, and whomever did the price check forgot to return it to my pile.

I instantly felt relieved and grateful. I then recalled my aura spray invocation, and thanked the angels for their assistance!

I truly believe they helped sort things out for me.

Now for some thoughts and observations about angelic help and intervention.

First, I know some people believe that you have to “pray” to angels for their assistance, and that really does not feel right to me. What I get from them is that you only need to ask, without any formal prayer of any kind.

You see, angels are in perpetual service to Divine Will, and human beings are divine enough to receive (to paraphrase a quote).

Second, angels are not superior to humans. They simply have different attributes that correlate to their role and function, if you will. For example, angels can be in an infinite number of places at the same time, because they are higher-dimension entities without physical bodies. That is how they can help any one of us who call upon them, without exerting any effort.

Human beings however possess qualities that angels do not, such as the ability to feel emotions. Angels understand what emotions are, especially Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon, who had human lives as the prophets Enoch and Elijah. Even they however do not “feel” emotions like they did when they were incarnate.

Third, angels do not ask anything in return for their assistance. They do not operate under the premise of “if you scratch my back, I will scratch yours.” Angels do not want for anything, being unembodied celestial beings of pure light and love.

I want to illustrate points two and three through this example from my life. I am 5’11” in height. I am not an especially tall person, but am tall enough to attract the attention of people at the grocery store who are not as tall and need help with getting an item down from an upper shelf.

You could say my height is a core attribute that is different than the person I’m helping. That doesn’t make me superior to them, just different, and that difference enables me to be in service to them in that particular way.

Also, when I have helped get something down from a shelf that is out of reach for a shorter person, I can honestly say I’ve never had any thought or feeling that they should somehow return the favor. I’m just happy to be in service to them in that moment, and it’s not like I’m breaking a sweat or anything.

In a similar way, angels do not effort nor struggle when they give their divine assistance, no matter how many of us call upon them at any given moment (also remember that angels exist outside of the construct of linear time that we human perceive).

The hardest part for us, truly, is remembering to ask! Angels are on eternal standby to help us, but we must do our part.

You don’t have to think long and hard about it. Even if you just ask without knowing “what” you are asking help with specifically in that moment is perfectly okay.

With All of My Love,


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