Ocean Grounding Meditation

This is my version of a meditation by Monika Muranyi, wife of Lee Carroll (channeler of Kryon). I have started using it for daily grounding, and while I do it I like to listen to “Ocean of Light” by Anugama which can be found on YouTube.

Find a comfortable place to sit, with your feet on the floor. Take three clearing breaths in through the nose, and out through the mouth. Feel yourself becoming present to this moment. Relax your shoulders, your face, and your hands.

With your eyes closed, imagine yourself as a giant kelp in an underwater forest. You are tall and majestic, reaching a height of over 100 ft (30 m). Anchored to the ocean floor, you gently sway with the movements of the ocean currents.

Take a moment to feel what it is like to be in flow of life of life around you, in the motion of Gaia’s sacred waters.

Notice the creatures around you. Perhaps there is a school of fish passing by.

Or, maybe a playful seal.

Become aware of your feet. From the chakras in their soles, imagine roots of white light growing downward, penetrating through the ocean floor, through all of the layers of the Earth’s crust.

Visualize these roots of lights continue to descend through the mantle, all the way to the molten part of Gaia’s core.

She invites you, her child, to turn over to her all of the energy that no longer serves your highest good, through your roots.

And so, take a deep breath in, and slowly release it. With each release, imagine negative energy being transferred through your roots to Gaia’s core. All tension, all holding on. Any residual feelings of anger, fear, frustration, lack and limitation, freely let go of them.

Repeat the breathing in/out and letting go until you feel clear and grounded.

All of the energy that you have released is transmuted and made available for new creation.

Imagine this transformed, pristine energy being drawn back up through your roots. It emerges into the ocean water, and floats upward in a giant bubble and passes directly into your heart chakra. As it does so, it restores your heart space to its proper dimensions, bringing balance and pure love that radiates throughout your body.

Sit with this energy for a moment, feeling that loving energy from Mother Earth. Notice any places where you feel this energy directed, for these are areas that are in need of healing.

As her nurturing, healing energy circulates throughout you, turn your attention to your fronds that float on the surface of the ocean, with the sun’s light shining upon them. As you feel the warmth of these rays, send your awareness to the Source of that light, the Source of All That Is.

Imagine the sun’s rays as direct energy from the creative Divine Source, for that’s what they are. Feel this Source connection enter your crown and descend the length of your spine, bringing into natural alignment all of your body’s energy centers.

Drawing the energy from Gaia and from Source, you are the place where heaven and earth meet. Feel your true power and magnificence, as you are supported from above and from below.

Take one more breath in and out, and open your eyes when you feel comfortable.

With all of my love,


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