The Coin of Fear and Trust

“Trust and fear are opposite sides of the same coin” – The Oracle

I received this download from my guides not long after I began to channel their messages. It seemed immediately clear to me. It was evidence of my spiritual progression and understanding.

How are trust and fear related?

As human beings, we consider trust to be something conditional. We may have the perception that trust is “earned” and judge whether someone or something is “worthy” of it. Once we feel comfortable enough to trust, we do so until a manifestation event occurs that shatters our faith in that which we trusted.

When our trust is broken, it sends us into fear. It feels painful to lose trust. This is so very traumatic for our heart space.

And yet, I would point out that we have not “lost” our trust – we are simply moving it from one bucket to another, from love to fear.

In other words, we are trusting in fear.

As many of you are aware, there is rational fear, and irrational fear. When your life is in immediate danger, your fear response is rational. For anything else, it is irrational, whether or not you believe it.

A useful acronym for irrational fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Your ego can keep flipping the coin, as you fear to trust, yet trust in your fear.

The love, peace and happiness in your mind and in your heart is consequential. It is not to be arbitrarily left up to the perpetual tossing of the coin of fear/trust.

When I went deep into The Oracle’s wisdom, I realized that I am even being guided to let go of the categorization of people and things as “trustworthy” which in and of itself is subjective.

Someone can slip up one time, and whereas I may cross my arms and declare them to no longer be trustworthy, another person may feel that they are worthy of one more chance.

Do you see how slippery this notion of “trustworthy” becomes?

Let alone when we are pre-conditioned not to place our trust in institutions, like the government. How many people grow up with limiting beliefs like “all politicians are crooks” because of what their parents and other adults around them said?

Can you see from an expanded viewpoint that the seed of “trust in your fear” was already planted, before you even allowed the trust to grow?

Someone may retort, “Yeah, well I feel perfectly fine not trusting in the government.”

This person may not yet be conscious of how one’s irrational fears and limiting beliefs attract negativity into their field, so that the “false evidence” keeps showing up around them.

Think of these beliefs like the windows and doors in your house. They can’t be open and closed at the same time.

If you close yourself off to something you won’t allow yourself to trust, you block whatever potential might be there for your highest good.

What I have learned is that my default mode should be trust, to the point of blind trust. In other words, I’m not even holding the concept of “worthy of my trust” in my vibration.

That does not mean that I’m setting myself up for an excessive amount of negative experiences and disappointment. It simply means that I’m consciously choosing to be open and clear.

I have replaced the “fear/trust” coin in my pocket with something that is neutral: my discernment.

When my discernment gives me an intuitive “hit” about a person, place or object being opposed to my highest good, I make the simple choice to avoid contact, if possible. If I cannot, I call in my angels, guides, ancestors and spirit animals to keep me out of harm’s way, so that I can continue having the experiences that I prefer.

Other than the simple desire to keep myself safe and grounded, I choose not to tell a story it… or, if I find myself conjuring up some story in my mind, due to my own fear, I begin to unravel the threads of my story, and look for the False Evidence Appearing Real.

I trust that I am worthy of joy and happiness. There will be soul lessons along the way, but I’m steering clear of the merry-go-round of irrational fear.

With all of my love,


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