Awaken to the Light of Peace

Question from Leigh:

I have been experiencing what I can only describe as a very intense spiritual awakening. May I ask for guidance around a total pivot in my career path and karmic connection that seems to be some form of lesson?

Answer from the Ascended Masters:

Dear Leigh,

We honor your question about spiritual awakening that has profoundly affected your life.

Ascended Masters Amaterasu, Mahachohan Ragoczy and Paramahansa Yogananda step forward to offer their loving guidance.


You chose to experience spiritual awakening during a lifetime in which humanity as a collective is ascending in consciousness. In this regard, you have more sure footing, as you are by no means climbing the mountain alone.

All the same, your own ascent may feel dizzying, even perilous. You are not yet acclimated to your new environment. Have you learned how to breathe the thinner air?

You choose how to experience your awakening, in every moment. The levels of your rising consciousness can be gradual, or they can be sudden, if you are determined to move through them by leaps and bounds.

If your spiritual path feels like a sprint to the finish line, ask yourself, “Am I running towards, or running away from?”

It may be that you are attempting to quickly scale the mountain in order to avoid being seen and judged by those who are down in the valley who seem to content themselves with mundane lives and beliefs, those might not be open to your spiritual progression.

In this era of your current lifetime, no spiritual being is meant to dwell alone in the cave. This is not the age of the hermetic sage; it is the age of the Lightworkers and Wayshowers.

Trust that you will not punished for revealing who you are becoming to those who appear in your daily life.

Before this, you must trust in who you are. What is the use of opening your eyes more fully to spiritual truths, if you are not confident enough to see your soul’s reflection in the mirror?

Mahachohan Rogoczy:

When you ask about “some form of lesson” does it feel like guidance, or punishment?

I and the other Ascended Masters, along with the other Beings of Light, offer to you the sacred fire of spiritual wisdom. We hand it to you in a golden vessel decorated with precious jewels.

This is not a fire that will burn and torture you. Like St. Germain’s violet flame, it is meant to heal you as you spiritually grow.

We love you unconditionally, and only collaborate in that which is for your highest good.

If a shadowy hand offers you something that feels like a punishment rather than a reward, they are not of the Light. Cast them out from your presence, as you would cast away the shadows of a dark room by opening the window curtains.  

Paramahansa Yogananda:

Peace is like the sound of a well-tuned instrument playing the most beautiful of all compositions.

When the instrument is out of tune, it is incapable of playing tranquil and soothing melodies.

The instrument must be periodically tuned, if one does not desire that its sound become discordant.

Peace is not a Shangri-La in faraway land. Peace is always to be found within one’s self.

As you spiritually awaken, are you attuning to the frequencies of peace and love?

If you are not grounding and meditating on a daily basis, that is a good place to start.

This practice will create peace in your life. You will begin to vibrate with its harmonic frequencies.

As a final word, do not concern yourself matters of karmic connection. There is no peace to be found there.

With all of our love,

We are the Ascended Masters

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