Permission, Potential and Power

Question from Naveena:

My general question is about giving permission to ourselves. Bashar often calls it the permission slip that we give to ourselves to perhaps give ourselves more love or take time for ourselves or forgive ourselves or anything smaller or Big.

I would love any advice on how to give myself permission more easily.

Answer from the Ascended Masters:

Dear Naveena,

We honor your question about giving yourself permission.

Ascended Masters Pan, El Morya and Apollo step forward to offer their loving guidance… and answers that you might not expect!


Do not make “permission” your starting point. Instead, begin by tapping into potential.

It may seem hard to believe, but a seemingly barren desert vibrates with as much potential as a lush rainforest.

Sudden rains can transform a desert landscape into a beautiful field of flowers. It is not the rain alone that transforms; it is also the perpetual abundance of potential that the desert soil holds.

You are being called to sit and contemplate, in a spot where you can be very still and go within.

Allow all that you can imagine to show its potential, so that you can be fertile enough in your soul to birth many desires.

El Morya:

The word “potential” is one of the most powerful in your vocabulary, for it aligns with the limitless expansion of The Universe.

Who you truly are also aligns with this powerful truth, for you are a Master Creator, as sovereign and potent as any in our realm.

In the physical realm, the true You often gets drowned out by the “virtuous” admonition not to be selfish, to balance your needs and desires with everyone else’s.

Do you trust that you are infinitely supported? If so, do you not in turn trust that this is true for all of your brethren?

Dare to drive your stake in the ground with all your strength, and draw a circle around it. This is your sacred space, no one else’s.

 Inside this space, you have absolute freedom… Do you need to give yourself “permission” to be free?

Clear away that word “permission” which implies that someone else is in charge.

You are in charge.

In your mind’s eye, wield a scimitar like a brave warrior, severing all unhealthy energetic cords that bind and limit your movement.

If you cannot give yourself permission to do this, even in the exclusive domain of your mind’s eye, then call upon Ascended Master Archangel Michael to do the cutting away.

You have allowed many vines to grow upon the trunk of your tree, in tolerance. Now is the moment to prune them.

Vines are resilient and prolific. They will not die. Let them grow again elsewhere.

Activate the power of your strength and might until it becomes as hard and impenetrable as the surface of diamond. This is your psychic shield.

The brilliance of your self-empowerment is all the “permission” that you need.

Wield and shield, almighty Naveena!


Many forget how powerful they truly are. Even Noah who built the ark, the same Noah who fell into drunken stupor.

The counseling of El Morya is all for naught, if you do not make self-empowerment a daily practice.

There will be ebbs and flows in your days, but the energy of True Self must flow, lest its waters become stagnant and polluted.

In addition, remember that others will not respect your strength, unless there is courage underneath. Wear your courage like the horns of a ram.

In conclusion, we three strongly encourage you to let go of the idea of the permission slip. Instead, allow the very notion of permission to slip away, like a hungry snake in search of its next meal.

With all of our love,

We are the Ascended Masters

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