The Bridge Across the Void

Question from Ellen:

Why do I feel this pause in my life…?

Answer from the Ascended Masters:

Dear Ellen,

We honor your question about the pause in your life that you are feeling right now. When things lie dormant within you, it can seem troubling, especially as life around you hums and buzzes with its normal vigor.

Ascended Masters Kuthumi, Serapis Bey and Apollo step forward to offer their loving guidance.


The pause you feel is like the lens of a camera that is out of focus. When you feel unfocused, it is like having a void open within.

It can feel very uncomfortable to be in the middle of this void. You may feel that you are neither here, nor there. This is a very strange sensation for one who always knows their exact location. Indeed, if someone called you on your cell phone and asked “Where are you right now, Ellen?” and you answered “I don’t know” their immediate question would be “Are you okay, Ellen?”

It is not that you are lost – you are never lost. What you are experiencing is like the tilling of soil in a field.

Before you can plant a new crop, the soil must be turned over.

In other words, where you are right now is on the cusp of a new phase in your life. To step into the new, you must step out of the old.

There is an empty gap in between the old and the new, and that is by design.

Your inner lens is right now out of focus, for the very purpose of you being able to focus on something new.

Serapis Bey:

Focus on where you are being guided. If you feel too “lost in the void” right now to visualize where you are meant to go, simply trust in the direction where you are being led.

Create a beautiful bridge of light in your mind’s eye, a bridge to cross the empty gap.

Trust that you are being supported as you step onto the bridge, by we the Ascended Masters, and by your guides, angels, ancestors, even your spirit animals.

As you begin to cross the long bridge towards where you are meant to go, the new destination comes more into focus with each step.

I am shining the way with divine white light. You are safe to follow.


A mighty nation is now mourning the passing of their beloved queen. At the start of her rule, it was still true that the sun never set on the British Empire.

Seventy years later, the world is a very different place. Yet the sun continues to rise every morning and set every evening.

In my aspect as a Greek god during Hellenistic times, I became the personification of the sun.

Ellen, your name means “torch” or “shining light” and you are my spiritual daughter!

You chose this name for yourself prior to your birth, and you chose it with great intention.

In truth, you can lead yourself to new destinations with the same power and ease as did the gods and goddesses depicted in ancient Greek mythology.

It is only an illusion that you do not have the power to fly out of “the void” of your life’s pause, as I fly across the sky every morning with my golden chariot.

I and the other Ascended Masters honor where you are vibrationally speaking, and we support you every step of the way with so much unconditional love. It is why Serapis Bey shines the light for you, leading the way, even though you have such immense power and can shine your own light.

We are willing to raise our bright torches to lead you, but you must bring into focus and visualize your ultimate destination.

The power to do so is yours alone, dear Ellen.

With all of our love,

We are the Ascended Masters

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