The Magical Power of Asking

Question from Danielle:

I’m dealing with technical issues with my computer – I was asked to reset my password, I did so but when I log in it doesn’t take the new password – it only takes the old. I then decided to change my password again and it’s still taking the old and not accepting the new… there has to be a meaning behind this! Please help me to understand the message that is being sent to me.

Answer from the Ascended Masters:

Dear Danielle,

Your question regarding the technical issue is being asked during the current Mercury retrograde, and technical issues are prevalent during this time.

This is the obvious answer… but you seek the hidden meaning of it all.

Ascended Masters Moses, Kuthumi and King Solomon step forward to offer their loving guidance.


You expect paths of least resistance to unfold before you, and for things to work out the first time. This is a beneficial belief, one that attracts a reality in which things fall into place, as they should, a vast majority of the time.

When you have tried something as routine and mundane as a computer password change once or twice, and you experience the strange outcome of only the old password being accepted, you are at a loss as to what you as Danielle can do to fix the issue.

And yet, you know that you can turn it over to someone else to fix it, by logging a ticket.

You do not always know how the IT department fixes the problem, but you trust them to get it done.

Dear Danielle, you have recently received guidance about asking your angels and spirit guides for assistance with things in your life that do not have simple and obvious answers or immediate resolutions.

 Your power is far greater than what you can do with your own two hands, for you can ask for assistance from those who work in ways that you do not fully understand, those who magically get the job done.

Ask, ask and ask. Once, twice, thrice, or three thousand times.

It is the asking that unlocks the answer. What might require a thousand clicks of a button for you might only require a single click from those who know the secret and mystical ways, those who more easily move in and out of dimensions.

Ask from a position of power as one who is directly connected to Source, to All That Is.

When I held out my staff and asked God to part the waters Red Sea, I did not hesitate to ask what by laws of nature seems impossible. I galvanized my staff with the Source Power inside of me. And I allowed God to do that which God does, not fully understanding how, yet allowing everything to unfold perfectly and magnificently according to Divine Will.

You are Divine, and your Will is great, do not forget this… and keep asking. Small things, or huge things, the scale of it all is only in your mind.


Moses has encouraged you to keep asking. In order to ask effectively, it requires the ability to tune out the distractions all around you.

You are about to log that IT ticket to fix the password problem, when an important email comes through that requires an immediate response. When you reply to the email, you look at the clock and notice that you have a scheduled meeting call in three minutes.

Distractions are inevitable. You are not in control of what happens outside of yourself, yet inside you can cultivate the discipline to remember to ask, when the interferences subside.

If you set an intention to be still and ask for divine guidance, and that moment of stillness doesn’t open up until the next day, it is okay. What is important is that you keep your focus and remember to ask.

Those who you are asking for help reside in other dimensions where time does not exist. They are not impatiently waiting for you to ask for their help. They just want you to ask when you able.

Your “work self” knows how to stay focused to get the big projects done, and who to ask for what for help along the way. Harness this ability to ask and coordinate help from your angels and guides with the same focus that is so mighty it can clear everything around it.

King Solomon:

I wear my purple wool robe that in ancient times was reserved for royalty. A pound of purple-dyed wool cost more than what the average individual earned in a year.

My garment has gold threads, and I wear a gold-plated belt, gold bracelets, and a gold crown encrusted with precious jewels.

I lift my arms in a power posture above my head, palms outward to connect to the golden Merkaba of light that is my Akashic soul star energy center. It radiates with the powerful truth of who I am.

As a fully connected, sovereign and regal entity, I suspend the smallness and limitations of my ego, and tap into the power of The Universe.

Danielle, you have priorities in your life that can only be accomplished if you embrace your own power, and if you remember the words recently given to you:

“I am divine enough to ask, and I am important enough to receive”

When you ask for divine help, do it from the position of power within.

To feel this position of power, straighten your spine and move your shoulders backward, as if you were the ruler of a vast kingdom, seated upon her throne.

Asking from your seat of power is not the same as making unreasonable demands and forcing others to bend to your will.

It is simply asking from the place of strength within you that attracts the tools of creation to transform into the instruments that place themselves magically into your hand.

With all of our love,

We are the Ascended Masters

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