Soul Work

Question from Natalie:

I’ve been trying to do more soul work, but sometimes and don’t know how/where to start. I’m seeing all the “signs” and trying to listen to myself. I thought the fall equinox would be a good time to start.

Answer from the Ascended Masters:

Dear Natalie,

We honor your question about soul work. It is an important one, especially for those amongst you who bear the light for humanity, the light that illuminates your ascension path.

Ascended Masters Thoth, White Tara and St. Francis step forward to offer their loving guidance.


Embedded in your question are references to your sense of sight and hearing. In physical reality, you rely upon your senses to navigate the world around you, to literally make “sense” of it. And yet, what you see is open to interpretation.

You are provided many signs and synchronicities by your guides to help steer you along the path of what you truly came to experience in this lifetime. Sometimes, the signs are crystal clear. Most of the time, however, you may think a sign means something specific, and yet there are other layers of meaning that might escape your immediate attention.

You are invited to refine your gift of interpretation, to discern the divine guidance that manifests itself in your daily life.

Are you writing down these signs?

Begin by writing down what you have seen with your two eyes, then allow the “unseen” elements to reveal themselves, that which can be perceived through your subtle senses which connect more strongly to Spirit.

It may be of help to you to develop a ritual of daily sacred writing to refine your intuition. We know that you have an appreciation of crystals, and so it will be of great benefit to hold a crystal in your hands before you write. Hold one crystal in your palms together, or hold two crystals of the same kind, one in each palm.

For you specifically, we recommend a crystal connected to the Third Eye chakra, such as lapis lazuli.

Take a few in breaths, imagining the crystal’s energy drawing up your arms to your heart space, then up further to your third eye and crown. Take as many breaths as you need to be fully connected energetically.

Then, without “thinking” too much about it, begin to write about the signs, and allow whatever information flows to be written down. The tool of automatic writing will help you immensely as your third eye activates.

When you go back out into the world, you will see the signs again, but with much greater clarity.

In my aspect as a God of Egypt, I worked with crystalline energy. I am associated with the sacred text known as the Emerald Tablet.

I conclude by observing that anyone can appreciate the sublime beauty of the hieroglyphs that adorn the magnificent temples of Ancient Egypt, but it requires a true adept to discern their meaning.

You are a great intuitive. Now is the time to refine your gifts and allow your soul to guide your hand and your sight.

White Tara:

Thoth references your heart space, Natalie. You framed your question about the soul work with the words “how” and “where” which are coordinates in the map of your mind.

The map of your heart has no beginning, and no end. It is infinite, with no horizons.

Your inner guidance of your heart has no compass, and no starting point. It is perpetual energy in motion, and radiates throughout the entirety of your being, not just the physical Natalie, but who she truly is as she exists throughout all time, space, and dimensions.

It may be difficult to listen to your heart if the chatter of your mind drowns out its sound.

There are many tools to quiet the mind, such as grounding. Imagine a cord of golden light descending from the base of your spine (root) through the layers of Gaia, all the way to her molten core. Allow that which no longer serves you, including these lingering thoughts, to travel down the cord to the heart of Gaia, who will transmute them.

When your mind is clearer, you are then able to clear your heart space.

Breathe in and out of your heart. Take a deep breath in through your heart space, then exhale through it. You may also try a variation that involves you taking a deep breath in through the front your heart space, then breathing out through the back of your heart space, then doing the reverse by breathing in through the back of it, and out through the front of it.

This simple practice will purify your heart space, so you can attune to the sounds of its harmonic frequencies.

St. Francis:

You have been guided to work with your hands, and your heart. I invite you at this point to meditate for moment on your definition of soul work.

The word “work” in the human mind translates to the completion of a project. When you wake up at the start of each day, you have a long list of “to-do” projects, both at your job and at your home.

You are conditioned to work until the task at hand is finished. If you cannot finish within a single day, you work on it some more the next day, etc. until it has been done.

One of the most difficult truths for an awakening human being such of yourself to accept and integrate is that the soul work is never finished.

You may find this truth to be a bitter pill to swallow, for you are trained to work until you are done.

As it applies to so many spiritual truths, the answer to this difficult question can be found in nature.

Even in your own front yard and back yard – I give you the following analogy.

When you trim your plants, you do it until you think you are done. And yet, you understand that these plants are living beings that will continue to grow.

And so, your task of “trimming the plants” will never be finished, truly.

Does this cause you any grief or anxiety? I presume not.

Trimming the plants, and seeing them grow again, is a great exercise in acceptance, joy, and connection.

Follow your heart’s desire to do your soul work with the same freedom and acceptance that you have when you tend to your garden.

With all of our love,

We are the Ascended Masters

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