Why Call Upon the Angels?

As I stated in a previous blog post, I have recently been connecting to the angels in my daily life, asking for their aid and assistance. There have been many signs and synchronicities that have manifested, for which I am profoundly grateful. I call upon them individually and collectively, and it brings me profound joy to know they are always there to call upon.

Now, you may ask, “Why call upon the angels? Why not ask God/Source/Universe/Higher Self directly?”

There is nothing wrong with going direct to the Source to ask. However, I would like to share my thoughts as to why you can also call upon angels (in addition to the Ascended Masters, etc.).

First, as human beings, we are used to sourcing (Source-ing) specific things from specific places and people.

Suppose you are out of bread. You can go anywhere from a convenience store to a supermarket to a bakery to buy bread. Where you are inspired to go to buy bread (source it) will depend upon a variety of factors. The most important factor is your preference. Like many (if not most) of you, I would pass up a convenience store on my way to a supermarket or a bakery to buy the bread I want.

Likewise, if I want someone to help me with a home project, like building a fence, I will call upon one who has expertise with such projects.

If I were one of perhaps a dozen of the eight billion people on the planet who have attained enlightenment, I will have surrendered all preferences. I would not pass up the convenience store to go to a supermarket. All is bread; all is Abundance from God. I would put the hammer in the hand of one who rarely handles a hammer to help me build a fence. I am only grateful for their assistance. I have no impatience for how much longer it will take to finish the fence, and I have surrendered the desire for how the fence looks, as long as it functions as a fence.

That does not mean that the enlightened one, and how they explore physical reality, is any better than how you explore physical reality, with all of your preferences and desires.

Indeed, God/Source intended for the vast majority of humanity to explore their preferences and desires. This is because God/Source had the supreme desire to know itself, and this desire birthed All That Is manifested throughout the multiverse.

Thus the Angelic Realm was created, with beings of light who eternally aid and assist humanity from a plane above and beyond the limitations of physical reality, a plane where there time and space does not exist.

Because of this, an angel can be in an infinite number of places simultaneously. If I call upon Metatron for aid and assistance at the same time as another human being calls upon him, he is able to help both of us, wherever we are located on planet Earth. He is not bound by the rules of physics as we are.

As I have mentioned before, based on ancient text, it is believed that Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon are the only angels known to have had a human incarnation (as the prophets Enoch and Elijah). There is not consensus on this point. I personally believe this to be true. I believe that Source intended for these two ancient prophets to transform into angels when they transitioned from physical to non-physical, so that the Angelic Realm could gain a collective understanding of the human perspective.

Just as the most enlightened among us are not superior to you and me, so it is with the angels. They simply vibrate at a different frequency, and their attributes reflect this fundamental principle.

Moreover, as each of us is One with the Universe, so we are with the angels.

Remember that separation is an illusion in physical reality. Nothing is separate from All That Is.

When you call upon the angels, you are calling out to yourself. You exist in all dimensions, in all corners of the multiverse. You call out to a part of you that dwells in dimensions where fear, lack and limitation do not exist.

In short, you call upon You as you truly are, a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive energy and love.

You call upon a part of you that eternally, lovingly and unconditionally…

…returns you to a natural state of grace (Archangel Aniel)

…boosts your confidence, enabling you to manifest at great levels (Archangel Ariel)

…helps you to find lost items, or when you are feeling lost (Archangel Chamuel)

…enhances your verbal and non-verbal communication (Archangel Gabriel)

…creates focus and discipline for your new projects (Archangel Metatron)

…attunes to divine messages and how to use your spiritual gifts (Archangel Sandalphon)

…brings order and harmony to your relationships (Archangel Raguel)

…facilitates healing of all kinds, physical and emotional (Archangel Saraquel)

…aligns with truth and wisdom (Archangel Uriel)

These are but of the few of the angels. You can call upon them individually for certain intentions, or you can call upon them collectively. They are more than willing and able to help you to transcend, transmute, and transform.

Asking for their divine assistance is powerful. It is very important to be grounded and clear, always invoking your highest good, and being neutral when you ask for their help. Be open and detached from the outcome. They will hear you, but know what is and is not for your highest good. Also, do not lay out instructions for exactly what actions you want them to take when they provide their assistance. Sometimes, the solution you have in mind is, in fact, not the path of least resistance, nor will it yield the most optimal outcome.

When you begin to see the signs and synchronicities unfold, thank them sincerely from your heart space.

With all of my love,


2 thoughts on “Why Call Upon the Angels?

  1. Daniel

    I am so happy to see your words and shining message.

    Wonderful to see you are amongst the angels in clear communication and demonstrating how we all have this connection available to us depending on our preference?


    I also have just embarked on a new part of my journey and I am so grateful for my new allowance of the energies which assist the raising of my vibration so that I also can be a lighter and clearer and more skilled channel for all that is good and all that is.


    Liked by 1 person

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