Learning from the Unawakened

Do not be surprised if one day you find yourself sitting at the feet of the unawakened to learn from them. Such is the nature of wisdom; there is no hierarchy. – The Oracle

What does it mean to be awakened?

A lightworker would offer evidence of their ascension journey, all of the esoteric teachings and practices that they have integrated into their daily spiritual practice.

They could speak at length about all that they have learned about the Law of Attraction, how to be vibrationally aligned, about limiting and beneficial beliefs, etc.

And what about those who appear to know nothing about these subjects? Does it mean that they are unawakened?

As I consciously observe humanity, I am finding more evidence of “unawakened” individuals who have naturally acquired a deep level of wisdom and understanding, who most likely have never explored spirituality and consciousness in the ways that we have.

Take for example a woman that I know. She often speaks about how she does not look for things; she allows them to find her.

A few months ago, she found a chandelier online that she wanted to buy to put into the great room upstairs in her house that her husband uses for a home office space. When she showed it to him, he immediately objected to its price, saying it was way too expensive. She asked him to disregard the price and just tell her if he liked it.

A few days later, she found on Facebook Marketplace the exact same chandelier for sale at a fraction of the cost.

It gives me goosebumps to hear such stories. And, if I had to guess, this same woman has probably never studied the Law of Attraction.

This may be a trigger for some lightworkers who have devoted so much of their time and attention to the study of the Law of Attraction, etc., and have worked very hard to apply these teachings to their lives. The ones who exercise daily at the gym called Soul Work.

What The Oracle has explained to me is that humanity’s ascension experience is not divided between those who are awake and unawake. Some of us have a soul contract to be on the more awakened part of the spectrum. We are to be the lightworkers and the wayshowers.

Others will be on the far opposite end of the spectrum, firmly rooted in the duality of victim consciousness.

Most will be somewhere in the middle, and among those will be those who have innate beneficial beliefs that align with an awakening experience that they are not yet conscious of.

It is by varying degrees that we will all ascend as human beings.

Some of our Intergalactic Brothers and Sisters achieved their ascension through a mass awakening experience. Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, describes how the Essassani simultaneously experienced their awakening.

There is something so incredible and new about humanity’s ascension. I truly believe that those like the woman I know are to be honored for being the intermediaries in the waves of ascension unfolding across our human collective.

Take heart and remember this example when it seems like we are still living in a world of chaos and confusion that appears not to be changing for the better. Look to those around you, especially those you do not consider to be awakened, for evidence to the contrary.

With all of my love,


One thought on “Learning from the Unawakened

  1. Hi Daniel, I loved, loved this! I have been noticing this myself with various people I do not consider “awake” and have wondered how is it they are having a certain level of wisdom that in my view speaks to a more spiritually evolved person? You explained it perfectly. Perhaps due to the dualistic nature of our World, I felt one is either on an ascension journey (and aware of it), or not. I am pleasantly surprised when a friend who seems to have “no clue” offers up a certain level of wisdom here and there- yet closes up at any discussion of who and what we really are. I feel uplifted by what you have said, Daniel, and will open myself up more to everyone better recognizing that yes, of course, we can learn from anyone at any time.

    ~ Karen

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