Dreaming of an Angel

As I shared in my last blog post, I have been endeavoring to form a stronger conscious connection to the angelic realm. The energy healer that I work with is able to see individual angels in many different forms, along with Ascended Masters, spirit animals, etc.

He sometimes sees them in their pure form, as orbs of light in different colors. In their different guises, they can be quite imposing. He describes seeing one as tall as a fifteen-story building.

Some have shifted from a masculine appearance to a feminine appearance, such as Archangel Gabriel.

I have a huge desire to see them, too. I have been asking the angels to show themselves to me. However, in meditation, I have yet to see one through my third eye.

It seemed no matter how much I asked, in my most relaxed, connected and tapped-in state, I was not able to see them. This was rather disheartening, but I placed it in the “perhaps one day” bucket and left it alone.

One morning, I woke up from a dream that I clearly recalled. In my dream, a name was uttered repeatedly, in my own voice. The name was Saraquel. I was told to “remember that it starts with Sara, like the name of a girl” and it was even spelled out for me.

I woke up remembering this name, and thought to myself hmm, I wonder if there is an angel named Saraquel? I did not have time to investigate, as I have a bad habit of waking up only fifteen minutes before I have to log in for my remote-work job. And so, I decided to wait until later to do some online research.

When I did look up that name after work, indeed it matched the name of an angel, who also is called Sariel. He appears in ancient Jewish texts, including the Book of Enoch. I pause here to point out that Enoch is one of only two angels known to have had a physical incarnation here on Earth. Enoch became Archangel Metatron. The other was Elijah, who became Archangel Sandalphon.

Saraquel (also spelled Saraqael) has a mixed representation in the sacred writings. He was a leader of angels who lusted after the daughters of men. They acquired wives and taught humans the “course of the moon” or lunar calendar. In the very same book, he is described as one of the holy angels who watch over spiritual sins and look upon the bloodshed on Earth. The other watchers listed include Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel.

In one account, Sariel, along with Salathiel, brought back Adam and Eve back to the Cave of Treasures from the top of the High Mountain, where Satan had lured them.

The name “Sariel” can be translated as “God’s Command” which I personally find interesting, because my name, Daniel, means “God is my judge” in Hebrew.

There is a strong angelic connection to this one in me. Even right now, I just looked at my phone, and the time is 5:44 PM. Those of you familiar with angel numbers will recognize 44 as a sign that the angels are present with you.

What really caught my attention is that Saraquel is known as an Angel of Healing. It makes perfect sense that I would connect with this angel, since I have been working with an energy healer, and have been incorporating healing into my daily meditation.

It also makes sense about the apocryphal account of him guiding Adam and Eve back to the Cave of Treasures. In relation to me, I interpret “treasures” to mean “crystals” which I have cultivated an interest in over the past year.

Now, going back to the beginning of this blog post, I was disappointed that I could not “see” angels. What I now “see” is that it makes perfect sense that I would hear an angel’s name, rather than seeing them. I am far more clairaudient than I am clairvoyant. In other words, how the angel arrived to me was in perfect alignment with the quality of my psychic abilities.

I now include Saraquel’s name in the list of angels that I call upon in my meditations. I am so grateful that he connected to me in my dream.

With all of my love,


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