The Stone of Opportunity

“We are divine enough to ask and we are important enough to receive” – Wayne Dyer

I learned a couple of weeks ago about some funds connected to my deceased parents.  As part of the process for securing the funds, I had to identify for the lawyer a “disinterested person” who knew my parents and could sign some affidavits in the presence of a notary. A cousin of my father graciously agreed to do this for my siblings and me.

My second cousin told me she would inquire about a notary at a credit union that she uses. She texted me yesterday morning to let me know that she had made an appointment at the credit union, and was waiting on the notary.

A moment later, she texted me again to let me know that the notary told her that they don’t normally handle notary requests connected to wills, and that they had to step away and check to see if it could be accommodated.

Of course, this was not the only means of getting the affidavits notarized, but it was the path of least resistance, given that this would a free service for my second cousin who has an account with the credit union.

I did want things to manifest in that moment for the notarization to happen, for the answer to be yes instead of no.

I closed my eyes and gently breathed in and out a few times. I then asked for divine assistance from the angelic realm to help clear any blocks related to the notary.

 I’m pretty new to asking for help from the angels, as I haven’t previously made any conscious connection to them. I was inspired by a recent workshop I participated in that was hosted by a local energy healer that I’ve been working with. I now ask for their help, in addition to asking help from my guides and other non-physical supporters. The angels that I feel the most connected to, like Metatron, I specify by name. I usually then say “…and all others from the angelic realm, known to me and unknown to me.”

After asking them for help, I suddenly attracted the inspiration to do a quick meditation with one of my crystals. As it so happens, this past weekend I purchased an Aventurine crystal from a metaphysical shop in my neighborhood. It is a beautiful polished green stone, somewhat bigger than a palm stone.

The metaphysical shop has business-sized cards with descriptions for many of the crystals that they sell, and I always grab one when I purchase a new crystal. I quickly pulled out that card to re-read it, and honed in on the words “Stone of Opportunity” which is one of the main characteristics of Aventurine.

My intuition in that moment told me to grab the Aventurine, and the card confirmed my intuition.

I placed the beautiful crystal between the palms of my hands, and closed them in a prayer position. I then stretched my closed hands outward, to give some distance between me and the crystal.

I was told to take deep breaths in, feeling the energy of the crystal in my closed hands travel into my heart chakra, and release the breath. I did this seven times, and could really feel the Aventurine’s energy draw inward.

The energy healer told us in the workshop that every crystal has an angel connected to it. I finished by thanking the crystal, and thanking its angel. I then placed the crystal in a small selenite bowl to clear it.

After that, I relaxed. This is an important part of the manifestation process – you MUST relax after you put it out there to The Universe! If you stay on pins and needles about whatever it is you want to manifest in reality, it will have the opposite effect of what you desire.

Also of great importance is to always include words like “if this is for my highest good (or the highest good of all involved)” in your affirmation and asking. In this way, you do not attach to an outcome that may, in truth, not serve you as well as another potential outcome.

A moment later, my second cousin texted to me back to let me know that it was all done and taken care of. After thanking her, I thanked again the angels, my guides and supporters, and the Aventurine.

Now, if she had texted me back to say it wasn’t done, then of course we could have easily made a Plan B for a notary. I would have reimbursed her if she had to pay a fee for one.

As it turned out, it all worked out perfectly in that moment, for the highest good of all involved. The simplest solution unfolded with grace and ease.

Yes, we are divine enough to ask and we are important enough to receive.

And so, my fellow lightworkers, are you asking in order to receive? You can ask Source, your guides, the angels, your ancestors, loved ones on the other side, even crystals. Calibrate yourself to what feels most natural, and use your intuition.

And don’t let your ego trick you into thinking that “it was going to happen anyway, it’s not because you asked for divine assistance.” The wonderful thing about beneficial beliefs is that there truly is no burden of proof for them. You don’t have to convince anyone but yourself that this is all real, that your beliefs really do create your reality.

Actually, you don’t even have to “convince” yourself (your ego).

You just have to stand in your power as a Conscious, Deliberate Creator.

With all of my love,


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