What is Kindness?

What is kindness, truly?

Kindness is a positive vibration that connects you to Self, Humanity, Cosmos and the creative Source.

It seeks no recognition. It is not a good deed performed in order to receive praise and validation.

Kindness in its pure form is the pollination of love without the sweet nectar of a reward.

It is the natural state of a soul in alignment, whose being is intrinsically aware of its infinite abundance. A soul who is selflessly in service to others, to manifest more love and joy.

The enlightened soul discerns that kindness is not the “right thing to do” for it understands from a neutral perspective that is not divided by the duality of right and wrong.

It does not consider kindness to be an act of charity, which is the highest reach of an ego who pities those it deems to be less fortunate.

Kindness does not adhere to the golden rule of doing onto others as you would them do onto you. That rule was implemented for humanity at a time in which its collective consciousness was less developed, when one had to barter in order to survive.

This created a transactional mindset, not only in the exchange of goods and services.

A new mindset is created when one embraces their inherent worth and understands that they live in an era in which humanity has never been more abundant.

When one practices kindness for the simple joy in doing so, others become aware of it, and their own seed of love consciousness begins to germinate.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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