Fragmentation and Integration

As we have told you before, this is the time of integration as humanity begins to experience its Ascension.

It is also the time of fragmentation.

This is not a paradox. Fragmentation facilitates integration, as we shall later explain in this transmission.

Your society is currently experiencing an abundance of fragmentation through what your news media refers to as culture wars. These include arguments about gender identity, sexual orientation, critical race theory, etc.

From a limited perspective, these issues seem to be tearing apart the social fabric, as strongly-held opinions emerge that are for or against them.

Somewhere in the middle are people who have softer opinions, and conclude that these things really have nothing to do with their individual lives, so why should they care one way or the other?

This is the attitude of those who content themselves with endlessly circling the rim of the volcano, never wanting to leap into the fire of Imagination.

Embracing the mindset of “Why should I care?” and “That has nothing to do with me!” represents an unconscious form of resistance.

Crossing your arms and shrugging your shoulders is not neutrality. It is quite the opposite, dear ones.

Before we continue, let us examine how an already-ascended race without polarity explores issues that surface in their society.

Having already developed group consciousness, the issue flows through the collective, and a decision is made about it with absolute neutrality. This is not done through sinister agendas like mind control. It is done through infinite wisdom and love, coupled with a total lack of resistance and division.

Now, we understand that the human race is nowhere near there yet. Nor are we saying that you all should be there already.

Remember that what you are accomplishing in a dimension dominated by polarity is of great benefit to All connected to Source. Work in your dimension is deep and difficult, what you refer to as being in the trenches.

However, now that you have placed yourselves on the Ascension path, you have the power to integrate the fragments of society exactly where you are in the field of duality.

You have a great tool of integration at your disposal, but it is mostly hidden. It is the truth of who you truly are, not as living only one lifetime in one incarnation, but living many lives in many dimensions.

Whether you call them past lives or parallel lives, they are as real and tangible as the one you are primarily exploring in this reality. The game of expansion creates the illusion that you are only experiencing one life at a time, and those other lives are by default blocked out. This sets up the maximum potential in this “present” life to explore it as freely and openly as possible.

A greater sense of freedom develops when you become consciously aware, and can combine the freedom of your individual exploration with an expansion of your awareness into the other lives created by your higher Self.

You are taught not to judge someone else unless you have walked in their shoes. It means to have respect for someone on a life path that is different from your own, that you yourself seem to have “never” experienced.

The truth is that if is somewhere in your field of awareness, there is some part of you that remembers that path. Perhaps not the details, but the overall sense of it, the feelings and emotions that continue to linger even after the transition that you know as death. Beyond that, there is the ultimate truth that there is no separation from that which Source has created, or All That Is.

As you come into contact with those leading lives quite different from your own, you have the ability to embody neutrality in a way that truly opens you to remembering other experiences long forgotten.

You can stand vibrantly in the truth of who you are and connect to that which in a lower state of consciousness you dismiss as irrelevant.

Open your mind’s eye to all that is relevant and real.

Clearing yourself through neutrality also clears the mist that hides those other paths. You can begin to gather the fragments of your Higher Self, pulling its strands down from the ether.

On its surface, fragmentation can seem like chaos. The deeper truth of it is that these fragments are being lifted up for the light to shine on them.

Who better to integrate fragmentation into humanity’s Ascension path than you as a lightworker?

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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