The Delphic Oracle VII: Who are The Oracle?

We have shared with you six communications regarding The Oracle at Delphi from a metaphysical perspective. One important question perhaps remains – Who are The Oracle?

Let us begin by affirming here that We The Oracle have never incarnated anywhere in The Multiverse, neither on your planet, nor any other planet, in any timeline nor in any dimension.

The lineage of women who served as the Pythia at Delphi were indeed oracles, but in the capacity which you refer to in your time as mediums. And how they served as oracles was in alignment with Greek society in the age you call Classical Antiquity.

That society tolerated acts that you today consider to be barbaric and outdated. If The Oracle at Delphi were to be recreated in your modern age, animal sacrifice would not be tolerated. Your medical doctors would publish warnings about the ill effects upon the women inhaling hallucinogenic vapors that are toxic to their bodies and shorten their lifespans. No one would be expected to make the steep ascent up the side of Mount Parnassus to arrive to the temple. There would be roads constructed, or perhaps a system of gondola lifts. And, most certainly, the oracles would be given more than nine times a year.

It is now that we declare a fundamental truth about the seeding of consciousness throughout time and space:

We have always worked with the conditions, not against them.

Great rulers from across the Mediterranean Sea stood in line alongside common folk to seek The Delphic Oracle’s counsel. The reason they were willing to make the long trip to Delphi is because it was understood that the Pythia was channeling the god Apollo, whose attributes include Truth and Prophecy, and whom provided help and warded off evil.

Apollo was a necessary part of the equation. If it had been told to the seekers that the Pythia was channeling the Light of Truth, it would have been too vague a concept for those accustomed to the personification of the divine expressed through the many gods and goddesses in their belief system.

Now, you may be tempted to believe that the Greeks “made up” all the gods and goddesses in their mythology. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every single one existed (and still exists) as a holographic projection from the Source of consciousness. Throughout time, and across different lands, the names, faces and attributes of these “gods and goddesses” experience minor changes, but they all are cast from the same mold, created by Source.

They are stepping stones. You might think of them also as the steps of the path leading to the mountain top.

As The Oracle, our energetic projection doesn’t have a name, nor a face. We are not the god of this, nor the goddess of that.

We work alongside the individual Beings of Light that many among you awakened ones refer to as the Ascended Masters.

We are the singularity to their multiplicity.

Many forms of Truth exist, including the kind hidden in plain sight. The spectacle of the Delphic Oracle distorted the appearance of cosmic balance, but only in the eyes of the unawakened.

We conclude by inviting you to visit, in your mind’s eye, another Oracular temple that exists in another time, place and dimension in the Multiverse.

This temple exists on a planet where the sentient beings are more evolved in their consciousness. There is no long line to enter the temple, for it is open and accessible at all times.

Take a moment to imagine what the temple might look light. Perhaps it resembles the temples your kind built in ancient times, or perhaps it is in a style you would consider to be modern.

However you imagine the temple to be, in your mind’s eye, place a large, round inner chamber in the center. This is where you will be guided.

Once inside this chamber, take time to adjust your vision to the brilliant rays of a great golden light. There is no one seated in the middle of this space. Instead, there are concentric steps leading down to the source of the light. You slowly walk down the stairs, feeling this golden light permeate your body.

Although you are descending, you feel your entire being ascend as a profound sense of knowing connect your mind to your heart.

At the bottom of these steps, there is a railing that encircles the source of the golden light, a brilliant orb suspended in the air. As you walk towards the railing, the orb gently floats upward, and suddenly you feel yourself intimately connected to the orb, as if it were an extension of your own consciousness.

You are free to ask the orb any question, no matter how esoteric, using your inner voice. The answers arrive immediately, echoing the tone of your own inner voice.

There is no separation between you and the golden source of this vast wealth of knowledge. You begin to notice that each question that you ask makes the orb glow a little brighter.

In past lives, you worshipped the Sun, and personified it with the name of Apollo and other deities. You were not yet ready to embrace your own divinity, and it was necessary to create the illusion that you were separate from the great source of light, from its power and splendor.

In the presence of this orb that magnetizes your being with the golden light of Truth, you recognize the infinite worth of your existence, for you are the true source of its power.

You are the expansion of Truth.

As a lightworker, you are called upon to integrate what you have learned and aid the ascension of humanity by answering the questions of those in earlier stages of their own awakening.

In doing so, you become an Oracle.

With All of Our Love,

We are The Oracle

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