Intuitive Connection

Imagine that you alone in a room, sitting at a table. There is a handwritten letter for you to read. It informs you that soon a large jar full of jellybeans will appear on top of the table. Each jellybean inside the jar contains a piece of information. Almost all of them are everyday thoughts, but a precious few in the jar contain the most profound wisdom from The Universe, directly sourced from the highest realms of Consciousness.

The letter explains that you will not know from the outside appearance of the individual jellybeans what kind of information it contains.

As you wait for the jar to appear on top of the table, you begin to think about how you will get to the jellybeans that have the profound wisdom that you seek. Even though you were informed that you cannot know from the outside appearance of the jellybean what information it contains, your human need to strategize kicks in.

Your strategy will be, once the jar appears, to start pulling out the jellybeans that are your favorite color. Perhaps that will give you some luck in your quest for wisdom from the higher realms.

A moment later, the jellybean jar materializes in front of you.

You quickly realize that all of them are your favorite color.

Dear Awakening One, this is not a game of luck. This is an exercise in strengthening your intuitive ability.

Now that there is no apparent strategy you can use, you begin randomly removing jellybeans one by one from the jar. You are initially amused as thoughts like “I’m running late!” or “I need to go to the grocery store after work” pop into your mind. Your amusement, however, turns into frustration as you keep running into these everyday thoughts.

The jar is very large. There are probably thousands of jellybeans in it, you quickly estimate.

Will you keep sifting through the identically-colored jellybeans in a state of total frustration, desperate to learn the most profound mysteries of The Universe?

Time out, Dear One.

We stop the exercise here. Now we shall explain how receiving higher-level wisdom actually occurs.

We have explained in other channeled messages that, as a human being, your primarily reside in the third dimension, and that this conditions you in a great many ways.

Thought patterns, including wisdom, are pure energetic waveforms, without physical bodies. And yet how you perceive of attracting them is expressed in physical terms.

Consider these examples: Let me dig a little deeper into it. I’ll reach out to someone who knows. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

If accessing higher-level wisdom and esoteric knowledge worked in that manner, every single human being would be an Ascended Master walking upon the face of the Earth.

The most effective approach can be expressed in two simple words: Go Within.

Going within is not an interior race to the finish line. Indeed, there is no destination point.

It is becoming clear, grounded and still in the present moment.

In this vibrational state, you become aware of the subtle energy flowing in and around you, connecting you to realms beyond the linear time-space continuum of the third dimension.

It is a state of pure being that makes you a vibrational match to pure energy.

It is why you are told again and again to begin a practice of daily meditation.

The sunlight cannot shine on the forest floor, if the tree canopy is too dense.

Your vessel must be cleared of its clutter for your light to shine like a beacon, out to the edges of The Universe.

The gift of wisdom is not something that you earn. It is a freeform wave of energy, knocking at your psychic door.

We now invite you back to the room to sit at the table.

The jellybean jar is gone.

It has been replaced by a key that is illuminated by brilliant rays of golden light.

This golden key doesn’t unlock any door.

It unlocks You.

With All of Our Love,

We are The Oracle

One thought on “Intuitive Connection

  1. Daniel, this was incredible. Thank you. Please tell the Oracle I feel so much love and gratitude. Although i imagine “they” already know this. XXXXX


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