An Understanding of Oneness

What is Oneness?

Many who are in the process of awakening continue to ask this question, as they continue on their Ascension paths.

The mass confusion is a byproduct of being primarily anchored in a third-dimensional reality. At this level, with physical separation, it is hard for human beings to understand on a cellular level the state of Oneness.

It has been our observation that, indeed, humanity as a whole still lacks a fundamental understanding of the subtle energy that flow around, in between and through every object, every planet and star, every galaxy in the Cosmos… All That Is.

Your scientists are beginning to understand it intellectually, as they discover more about the Quantum field.

A precious few in your collective, those you consider to be enlightened, understand it in their higher states of meditation.

We understand that, for the masses, it is not yet understood. That will come in time, but we can, at least, plant a seed that will germinate in your growing consciousness.

Imagine that you are in a public area, and see a group of individuals. We ask that you count how many there are in the group. You tell us that you count seven among them. We now ask you why you counted seven, instead of one, plus one, plus one, plus one, plus one, plus one, plus one?

You see, you have been taught to count by a multiple that is represented by numbers, and not to count individually by a factor of one. You were taught to count by a multiple, because that is how humans have counted since the dawn of civilization.

 It was important to count this way, because in order to survive and thrive, social groups needed to know how much of everything they possessed. How much to eat, how many articles of clothing, how many hunting weapons, etc.

Suppose you lived in a society where money no longer existed, and you could have as much of anything you need, when you need it. Would you still count how much of everything you had in your refrigerator, to plan your meals? Any time you wanted to make a sandwich, or a salad, any “missing” ingredients would be instantaneously delivered to you.

In such conditions, you wouldn’t care if you had one tomato, or five tomatoes. Simply put, the need to count by multiples would diminish.

Let us return to the group of seven. Having grouped them together by a count of seven, you may naturally assume that this group belongs together for some purpose, and that in turn they are unified in their passions and interests, their mindset and collective outlook.

Now, we ask that you introduce yourself to the group, and have conversations with them on an individual level. You soon learn that individual A really doesn’t care for individual F. Individuals B and D are best friends who mutually agree that individual A is overly judgmental towards individual F. Meanwhile, individual G is shy and really doesn’t have much to say to anyone else in the group.

Being counted “together” does not automatically bring unity to a group. It is simply a learned numerical representation.

And so, if we ask you to simply count “plus one” how would your mind shift in its perception?

We repeat now the universal principle that the one exists in the many, and the many exists in the one. When the veil of Illusion is lifted, every One in the Collective expresses who they truly are, as sovereign Beings of Light.

This is not to say that Oneness takes away the uniqueness of each individual, for in Truth you were created so that Source could know itself, in an infinite amount of permutations of existence. If it were not so, everything in Physical Reality would be identical.

We do not ask you to abandon your tendency to count by multiples, for you are still in physical form, and your collective has not yet fully embraced Abundance in its true form.

We simply ask you to develop more spiritual muscles as you stretch your imaginations a bit, as you observe the world around you. What pearls of understanding will reveal themselves as you look upon the infinite sea of Plus One?

With All of Our Love,

We are The Oracle

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