Soul Family

As a lightworker, and an awakened one, you have heard of soul families. These are groups of individuals that decide, through mutual soul contracts, the roles they will play for one another in physical reality, through each incarnation that creates the experiences each member wants to explore.

These roles are interchangeable as they manifest themselves across space and time, in the realm of duality. Past life regression has revealed that (for example) in another lifetime, roles were reversed. If you are you mother’s child in this lifetime, it’s highly probable that in another lifetime you were her parent.

The swapping of roles through multiple incarnations can be confusing, from a linear perspective. It raises certain questions that are difficult to process mentally, as a human being.

Perhaps you have wondered if your parent transitions back to non-physical before you do, if they remain in some kind of cosmic waiting room, until you make your own transition, and the two of you decide the roles for your next incarnations.

For your greater understanding, we will use an ordinary third-dimensional object you are familiar with to stretch your imagination about the interactions of a soul family.

We ask that as you read this communication, you bear in mind the truth about time and space, and allow your imagination to be flexible.

Imagine a power strip with multiple outlets. Different objects with electrical cords are plugged into them. The power strip itself merely allows for more than two objects to be plugged in at any given time. It does not dictate the order in which the objects are plugged in. For any of the objects, each outlet is an equal and potential match. A floor lamp could be plugged into the first outlet of the power strip, or the last one, or any of the ones in middle. It doesn’t matter which one, for the floor lamp to be powered on.

Consider a group of objects with electric cords, and think about all of the different orders in which they can be plugged into the power strip. The order will never, ever matter.

Dear ones, you are aware that you are not your body. Now, stretch that truth to see that your roles to other human beings in this lifetime are turned on by the energy of who you truly are, as an infinite being of love and light.

Maybe you have never considered the infinite potential of the power strip. Maybe you give more consideration to the objects you plug into it.

The objects can be plugged and unplugged, switched on and off, replaced for new ones, etc. over time. But the Source of Power shall always remain.

On the other side of the veil, your higher being has temporal aspects of its Self plugged into many incarnations, more than you can possibly imagine.

Now, you may tempted to diminish yourself, thinking that you’re your Higher Self deciding to be a floor lamp (a daughter) one moment, and a television set (a mother) later on, as it keeps plugging into different potentialities. Or, expanding it outward, you may feel you’re simply an interchangeable part in a greater Whole.

Dear ones, nothing could be farther from the trough. It doesn’t matter if there are multiple versions of “You” existing simultaneously across Time and Space, through different iterations. The infinite Love of Source treasures you the same as all of its other unique rays of light throughout the Multiverse.

No matter what version of the soul contract you’re fulfilling for the shared experience of your soul family, you are beloved all the same. Yes, even if your soul contract were to be what society considers to be undesirable, like a beggar or a drug addict. It is the illusion of being unworthy or unloveable that keeps you in those dense experiences.

All is transformed in the Light, and all soul family experiences are malleable.

If you are your mother’s daughter, or your father’s son, it is also true that you are, at the same time, someone’s best friend, neighbor down the street, favorite employee at the checkout stand… even their worst enemy, if that other person is living an experience dense enough to believe that anyone can ever be their enemy, and not their soul brother or sister.

We encourage you to carry inside your being a sense of lightness, which will turn on so many wonderful experiences between you and the other members of your soul family.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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