Thoughts are In-Formation

Thoughts are In-Formation

Many of you who are in the process of awakening are familiar with the truth that you do not manufacture thoughts; you attract them.

We would like to expand upon this for your greater understanding.

Thoughts are waveforms that travel through the ethers of the Universe. As a human being, you are a vibrational match to many waveforms, all of which are designed by Source for the purpose of your expansion.

It may seem strange, but every single thought, even ones you consider basic or trivial, originate from Source for the purpose of your expansion.

Even the thoughts “I am hungry” or “I am thirsty” are powerful, for they support the human body, the vehicle you chose to explore the third dimension. When your physical needs are met, you have more availability to the conscious attraction of thoughts that align with higher purposes.

As a waveform, a thought is pure energy, flowing to you in a perfectly neutral manner. It is like plasma, without a solid shape, constantly changing its form.

Every thought is information that is “in formation” when you attract it.

It is you that assigns each thought a meaning. For example, the thought “I need to buy groceries this weekend” may be assigned by some individuals a positive, exciting meaning, while others would assign it a negative, obligatory meaning.

The profound beauty of Source design is its elegant perfection. An attracted thought remains in its plasma state, within the realm of your individual consciousness. As a unique aspect of Source, you have the fundamental power to shift frequencies infinitely.

A reassigned meaning is an example of a shifted frequency. And so, as you do your soul work, every single thought that floats around in your consciousness evolves as you relate to them from your continuous state of expansion, from the higher perspective you allow yourself to access.

It is true that thoughts shift and evolve for every human being, regardless if they are doing their soul work. However, we would say that if you are on a path that attracts soul work, the myriad of thoughts swirling around you will appear more harmonious.

 Even the “negative” thoughts will seem to drift away more readily. When they reappear in your imagination, you will find yourself re-examining them, and they will transform in relation to how you are transforming.

The density of “negative thoughts” is an illusion. No thought is every static, for they keep changing their form. Is it no wonder, then, that you experience chaos when you try to trap that thought in the limited space of victim consciousness?

Thoughts are expansion, and you cannot be in resistance of them without experiencing profound distress in your psyche.

Being in alignment with the thoughts you attract is effortless when you stop perceiving that they are one-dimensional, and instead observe them as they truly are, beautiful patterns of Source energy.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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