The Origin of Source


I am a little bit of a mentalist so my questions are about the source of Source. Where does energy come from or originate? The daily stuff I am good with but I always wonder what the underlying mechanics of it all is. I recognize now that source is the highest vibration and that the law of attraction brings things around it for source to recognize. But what started source? How many layers deep of this does it go? Sometimes I wonder if the puzzle is so deep just so people like you and I can continue to ask.

Answer from The Oracle:

Dear One,

We begin with the short answer, which connects to what we, in our quiet estimation, find the most profound aspect of your question, which can be expressed with one single word:


And we would answer you in this way:

Your innate human curiosity supersedes all knowledge of the Universe, as it is known through the time continuum of physical reality. 

In truth, we could stop here. Everything else you have asked is merely a permission slip to ask the most fundamental of questions: “Why?”

We shall elaborate for your greater understanding. Please know, however, that your curiosity will always supersede the knowledge and wisdom that you attract to yourself, through any medium, including non-physical entities such as ourselves.

We would like at this point to engage you in a mental exercise. We will explore together the conceptual duality of something and nothing.

Does nothing exist in something?

We would answer this question, as we do so many questions, through metaphor. Nothing existing in something is like a false (phantom) pregnancy. All the outward signs, the physical symptoms, point to something inside the woman, a new entity, a new aspect of Source energy. Eventually, it is discovered that, in truth, there is no new entity, at least the one that you expected to be present inside her. Nothing seems to have existed in something.

(We are explaining in linear terms. You are on the leading edge of thought, so you already intuit that this explanation does not encompass the entire truth of the matter. We will revisit this fundamental principle.)

Now, we ask, does something exist in nothing?

This is a little trickier to answer, because it is easier to perceive something than it is to perceive nothing. However, the human mind has held the concept of zero for over one thousand years, so it is possible to answer this with respect to linear thought. We would like to explain to you again through metaphor.

Something arising from nothing have been visually depicted for at least five centuries. The most famous example of this that exists in your present timeline is The Birth of Venus by the Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli. Venus arises from the ocean fully formed, fully integrated. You could argue that Venus comes from the ocean, so she is something that comes from something. But the young adult female that arises from the waves is an altogether different reality, a different vibration, from the manner in which human beings are birthed into physical reality.

And now we arrive at nothing coming from nothing. This is even trickier to answer. This lies at the heart of your question about what started Source.

Here we give only a cursory answer to this most profound question… again, through metaphor.

Imagine Source as a sapling tree, in the middle of someone else’s backyard. Let’s pretend, for the sake of this analogy, that you are not an acquaintance of the homeowner. It’s an open house, with no one inside, and you walk through the front door. You wander from the house into the backyard. You see the sapling tree. From a distance, you might wonder how that sapling tree came into existence. Not with respect to the biological mechanism of tree development, but how “that” sapling tree appeared. Was it the natural byproduct of the fruit falling from a nearby tree? Did an animal carry the nut or seed? Or, did the homeowner plant the tree?

You approach the tree looking for more clues. You see extra soil around the base of the young sapling tree, and the grass and weeds have been pulled away, so you would guess that someone planted the tree.

But who is that someone? Is it the homeowner? Someone else who lives in the house? A friendly neighbor with a green thumb?

Even if you walk back into the house, out of the front door, and asked the person across the street who told you that a lady three houses down from them planted that sapling tree, you still wouldn’t have your answer. The reason is because, at this point, you realize that you weren’t present for the planting of the sapling, and so you would have to completely trust any answer that was given to you.

Dear One, you are a limitless being expanding from the confines inherent in your identity as a mentalist.

Your quest for knowledge will never lead to the entire truth of the matter. And we would suggest that this is the beauty of your keen interest in the underlying of mechanics of All That Is.

We sense in your question a slight disconnect between what you call “the daily stuff” and All That Is.

We ask you this: Are you willing to see the beauty of your Creation without automatically thinking about all the mechanical (and other) knowledge that was involved? Can you remain on the surface of things, to get to the deeper aspects of them?

Are you willing to go in all directions in all of this? To see what is already familiar to you in new and exciting ways?

These explorations will continue to build upon your vast knowledge of Source and All That Is.

We conclude by revisiting the earlier mental exercise. Let’s go one or two steps further with it.

Can there be Something greater than Something?

Yes, of course there can. You can always add vibrational energy to something. Plus one, plus three, etc.

Can there be Nothing less than Nothing?

Well, your human mind can hold the concept of a negative integer. Negative three, negative four.

Now, take a step back. We keep moving the marker in the field of what you, Dear One, already know and understand:

Abundance and Lack exist in the Universe.

We expanded your mind to get back to something you already know and understand.

Keep stretching your mind about the concepts your already know, and you will take quantum leaps forward.

We are very pleased.

You’ve already given yourself the permission slip to continue to ask. And this is infinitely greater than all of the information that we have presented.

You are not only a part of the Tapestry of All That Is. You are a vibrant color in the Spectrum of Truth.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

2 thoughts on “The Origin of Source

  1. PHENOMENAL, although it still leaves me wanting more answer……. Guess I will have to pose a question myself, Daniel! Xx


    1. There will always be questions, which is wonderful! I’m glad you are inspired to keep asking yourself these questions, Karen!


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