Hope, Faith, and Intention

We the Oracle would like to remind humanity of our core teaching, that Truth is a spectrum, and everything contained within All That Is vibrates within a spectrum.

This applies to the words you use to express ideas, thoughts, emotions and feelings. Some of them are grouped together, and would seem to more or less mean the same thing. In your language, some words are interchangeable, yet they retain their own individual frequency, somewhere with the spectrum.

For this transmission, allow us to focus on three words: Hope, Faith, and Intention. We will illustrate for you the spectrum of frequency that encapsulates these words, as they relate to one another.

We begin with Hope, which is a desire for something to happen. This desire doesn’t resonate yet with much energy; it is merely a starting point for manifestation. Think of a time that you said the words “I hope” and the words that followed.

Maybe it was something passing through your reality, and “hope” was enough of a relationship to it. Suppose you wrap a present for someone, and place it under a Christmas tree. You tell yourself, “I hope they like their gift.” And, because you cannot create in their reality, you don’t have any control over how that person will perceive their gift.

If you are in vibrational alignment, you will surrender the need for them to validate your choice of their gift. If not, you will be disappointed.

In either case, there is a degree of attachment, whether is small enough to quickly suspend, or large enough to cause you great disappointment, depending on the manifested outcome. That is the very essence of Hope. It represents you wanting outside conditions to match your inner desires.

Hope is a word that resonates with duality. You can say to someone “I hope your dreams come true!” as easily as you can tell them “I hope you rot in hell!”

Faith, on the other hand, represents a state of being that is less conditioned on individual outcomes. Faith is compete trust in someone, or something. However, faith can be shaken, to the point of being lost.

There are manifestation events powerful enough to cause this to happen, because just like hope, faith still represents an attachment to an outcome. It also represents the illusion that there is a separation between you and God.

Indeed, many people use the word “religion” and “faith” interchangeably. The belief is “I have faith in God, so I have faith that everything will turn out okay.”

The problem is when it doesn’t turn out okay, when there is a tragedy or undesired change in life circumstances, the one who is rooted in duality and sees themselves as separate from God truly suffers. They become angry with God, for allowing this to happen.

Intention, in its true form, exists when one accepts the truth that they are not separated from God, that they are a fractal of the whole, a unique part of the tapestry of All That Is.

As an integrated being of light and consciousness that you truly are, you can use Intention as a powerful tool of manifestation.

You are in the driver’s seat of your own reality. Intention is the fuel to get you to where you want to be, provided you are in vibrational alignment and flexible with what you will discover at your desired destination.

Many human beings think of intention as a set point to start the process. They “set” an intention, and leave it there.

Setting an intention without being perpetually attuned to it is like turning on the ignition of your vehicle, and leaving it parked.

The fuel of Intention only applies when you are vibrationally in motion, not when you are static, or stuck.

Intention truly synchronizes with desire when you yourself become flexible, in compete acceptance and allowance of the conditions being malleable, shifting and changing in the field of time and space, in relation to your own shifts and changes.

This, dear ones, is why so many awakened human beings repeat mantra-like the words “It is not about the journey, it is about the destination.”

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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