Question for the Oracle – Guilt and Jealousy

Question for The Oracle:

I have developed a wonderful relationship with my aunt, who is my mother’s sister. My mother seems jealous, and this makes me feel guilty. What can I do not to feel this way?

Answer from The Oracle:

We shall begin with the truth that there are multiple versions of you that exist across time and space. The idea may seem strange, as you no doubt would reply to us that there is only one you.

Before you dismiss the idea of multiple versions of you, consider the following scenarios:

You go into your closet to put together an outfit to wear. There is a version of you that pulls out a certain blouse to go with a certain pair of jeans, and a version of you that does the same, but with a different blouse and a different pair of jeans.

You arrive home after a busy day. You intended to cook dinner, but now you are inspired to dine out. There is a version of you that selects Restaurant A, and another that selects Restaurant B.

You attract the inspiration to text a friend and ask if they want to meet up with you to hang out. There is a version of you who will text one friend, and another who will text a different friend.

Now that we have established that there are multiple versions of you, let us turn our attention to your feelings of guilt regarding your relationship with your aunt, and your jealous mother.

Here we ask you: Are you absolutely certain, without a shadow of doubt, that your mother is truly jealous?

Allow us to be clearer… Even if you answer yes, she is jealous, I’m certain of it, what version of your mother are you talking about?

Because just like you, there are multiple versions of your mother that exist across time and space.

The Universe does not want to cause you confusion in the third dimension of physical reality, so only one version of your mother shows up at any one time.

Now, we need to point out another truth, which is that you have a “perception” that your mother is jealous. Even if her actions and words support your perception, you will always be on the outside looking in. You are not living your mother’s life, and thus you are not creating her reality.

In the reality that you are creating for yourself, she behaves a certain way that you connect, in your mind, from your viewpoint, to the word “jealousy.” But your mother’s name isn’t jealousy, meaning you created this label that you placed on her like a sticker. It does not represent your mother as she truly is.

So, you would prefer that this “jealous” version of your mother to stop showing up. How can you do this?

You see, you are holding a vibration within you that you have put the sticker “guilty” on. But, you are not your guilt. It is simply a negative emotion running through your system.

The negative emotion of guilt is a creative force, meaning you have given life to it, and thus you have given that guilty emotion the power to create experiences for you that produce more and more guilt.

Think of that guilt like an app on your smartphone. You have dozens of other apps, but you keep clicking on the guilty app. And so your cell phone screen (what we will compare to your perception) has guilt literally written all over it.

We’re going to ask you to stretch your imagination a bit. Specifically, we would like to encourage you to INTEGRATE two versions of yourself, in the present moment of your life, your reality.

There is the version of you that enjoys the relationship with your aunt, and the version of you that loves your mother without seeking proof of her jealousy, and loves yourself enough to release all feelings of guilt. We mean it, a complete and total surrender of your guilt, no matter if, for the time being, you see jealousy in your mother.

What will begin to happen, when you find harmony enough within you to manifest enough love to bridge your relationship with your aunt and your relationship with your mother, is that you will begin to feel peace and unity.

You will manifest so much love that you will stop seeing your mother as jealous. You will see her simply as she is, your mother. All perceptions, all of the stickers you have placed upon her, will fall away on their own, one by one.

No longer covered by these stickers, your mother will start to shine brightly in your eyes. The same eyes of yours that see your aunt shine.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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