Understanding Integrity

How would you define integrity, if asked to do so?

A common working definition of integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is watching.

(your intergalactic brothers and sisters are amused at the notion of nobody watching, as they watch you from afar, undetected)

We The Oracle ask, what is the right thing, in this case? Is it that which validates you as a “good” person? If so, we challenge you to put aside, at least for the moment, any urge to perceive yourself as good in the eyes of others…or, in the eyes of nobody (ponder that one for a second).

We would like to share with you in this communication a schematic representation of integrity. Before we do so, we would like to examine together with you a couple of words that would seem to represent integrity for the masses.

Let’s take the word “wholesome” when used to characterize someone’s moral quality. It’s he or she that someone would be proud to have their family and friends meet. An upstanding person, clean-cut and well-mannered.

Can you see how this is an example of the conditioned mindset inherited from countless generations who lived in an unawakened state of duality?

Or, what about the word “holistic” which has been recently popularized in your timeline. It is suggestive of body-mind-soul integration, and yet one can live a “holistic” lifestyle and still be in a state of total fear about possible illnesses, even terminal ones. This fearful mindset, in truth, cancels out completely one’s holistic habits. Now, let’s turn our attention to the diagram that helps explain integrity from a higher perspective.

We will begin from the center, and work our way outward. Please consider that we are showing and explaining from the linear perspective, since you dwell in the kingdom of linear thought.

The inner square, labeled the Fractal, represents you in physical reality. The circle in the inner square contains the essential component of your human exploration, which is the navigation between love and fear. In between the two is a horizontal dotted line. The line is not solid, because in your physical state you will never experience only love, nor only fear. These two primary states of emotion, and related feelings, co-exist to facilitate your unique trajectory. They are the contrast that shapes all of your experiences, and indeed every second of your present lifetime has been, is, and always will be conditioned by love and fear.

The dotted line is horizontal, as opposed to vertical, because we want you to understand that you are not “climbing” up a ladder from fear into love, although it may certainly seem that way from your perspective. Indeed, you may one day feel yourself to be in a high vibrational state, and then a manifestation event comes your way that triggers fears born out of your limiting beliefs. Please know that this is not like falling off the top of a ladder into the mud. As you learn how to regain your alignment by softening and shedding your limiting beliefs, you effortlessly move back into love. But because you will always have fears to address, you will never experience only the love side of the equation.

We now move to the outer square, which is your Higher Self. Notice that you as the fractal float inside of circle inside the square. This is because your Higher Self explores physical reality through the creation of you as the Fractal, but it is not all that it experiences.

Your Higher Self in its true non-physical state is not constricted by time nor space. Now, this may seem paradoxical, but your Higher Self is not disturbed by your sometimes chaotic exploration of duality. Because it is fully integrated, your Higher Self can witness and observe you as the Fractal without taking on your emotions and feelings.

This is why the horizontal dotted line between Love and Fear does not extend beyond the Fractal.

Finally, we represent All That Is as surrounding the Higher Self which surrounds you as the Fractal. In a way, this is not an accurate representation, as the concept of “surrounding” is a linear one. Your Higher Self does not experience separation and is completely enmeshed and immersed into All That Is.

As one who is awakening, you are beginning to understand that your unique exploration of physical reality serves humanity’s collective ascension. In doing so, you see better the connection between the fractal and the whole.

The integrity of All That Is exists within you.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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