Question for The Oracle: Signs From My Guides

Question from Danielle:

It was amazing Saturday ! I just knew I couldn’t be cooped up inside the auto repair shop for that long while my vehicle was being worked on. I was outside for about an hour and a half. I saw my guides in the form of a sign. I am a magnet to hawks lately and I usually see one but I saw 4 of them and they were circling and I just knew my guides were there in the circle.

I had heard an owl as well which I didn’t realize but I’ve been hearing owls for sometime and thought to myself on many occasions “how do I hear an owl in the middle of the day” and then realized, okay it’s a sign. It was magical!

I just wish I could figure out what all this means. I’m struggling with that!

Answer from The Oracle:

Dear Danielle,

You seek confirmation of what this all means. We would like to encourage you instead to cultivate your own knowingness, which is more resonant and more powerful than any outside confirmation. For these signs and clues are shown to you, and they speak to your own soul/self in its unique trajectory in the collective experience that you call the ascension.

The manifestations you experienced during your hour-and-a-half walk energetically unfolded the moment you made a conscious choice to do the unexpected, while waiting for your vehicle was being serviced. The conditioned expectation is to wait in the lobby or seating area, and yet you chose differently in response to a feeling of being cooped up.

We pause here to point out that the words “cooped up” refer to fowl in a cage. And so, in auto-referencing that metaphor, and setting yourself free as it were, you energetically called out to nearby birds.

You didn’t call out to just any birds. Indeed, had you heard the chirping of songbirds during your walk, that may have been pleasant, but not as striking as the vision of not one hawk, but four hawks, flying in a circle. This quartet of hawks no doubt have flown in circles before; ’tis their nature. However, in creating your reality, you experience that sight as “new” and thus this was so imprinted upon you on a soul level.

Now, just imagine your guides, who exist beyond time and space. From their perspective, the circle of hawks was not “remarkable” and yet they knew they would be for you, and so in love they connected themselves to these hawks to show you how special and loved you are.

As a mother, you have undoubtedly witnessed your son experiencing something for the first time, for him, and though you had many experiences of that thing, you took heart in his excitement about the new and wonderful experience. Your great familiarity with whatever that was did not overshadow your joy in witnessing his experience. And so it is with your guides, Dear Danielle. They experience the same level of joy.

Now, we ask that you not think of your guides as “parents” but simply as entities with an infinitely knowing and understanding beyond yours.

You also heard an owl, that you did not see. This is not by accident. As a human being, you are taught to “look” for the signs and clues. Does it not stand to reason that you can also hear, touch, taste and smell the clues, also? You were born with these senses, and to only activate one of your senses in your journey of self-discovery would create a far less rich and vibrant experience.

As a lightworker consciously experiencing the ascension, the more you explore the full spectrum physically, the more you will be able to broaden and incorporate the psychic gifts that lay dormant within. To struggle to understand it all is to put all of your eggs into the basket of Reason. What about the other baskets, like Intuition? Why not fill those baskets as well?

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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