The Ascension Ride

At this time in humanity’s collective ascension path, many are describing what they ascension symptoms. Those of you who are playing the role of lightworkers and expanding in your consciousness seem to be experiencing symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and forgetfulness. You may even have the feeling of being between dimensions, not quite here and not quite there, almost as if you were midway into the birthing process.

As you experience these symptoms at the same time as other lightworkers, you may find it unpleasant and wonder why this is happening. We would like to explain this for your greater understanding.

In your daily lives, most of your time is spent going about your business, much l like ants in a colony. You meet your basic needs (like food and water), go to work, take care of your living quarters, etc. This is the most integral of the human experiences, as a collective.

When you begin to awaken, when you become conscious of the Ascension, you step onto the first ride. We would liken this to a carousel. If you are baby brand new in your awakening process, you are placed on the horses (or other animals, or carriages) on the carousel that are stationary. As the carousel spins around, you experience the least amount of movement on the ride. At a later stage, as you grow in consciousness, you are now ready to be placed atop the horses on poles that move up and down. In other words, you are now ready to be consciously aware of polarity. However, the ride is still relatively gentle. You move up and down, but the movement isn’t enough to affect you.

There will be a point when it will be time to leave the carousel, and step onto the bigger, faster rides, like the roller coasters. It is now impossible to ignore the fast, sudden twists and turns. The motion is no longer slow and gentle, and no matter how much you like the ride, you will feel the motion more intensely.

And yet, at the same time that you are on the roller coaster, you are still the ant from the colony.

Now, most of the time, you are tuned into one experience, just like a radio station. However, there are times when the energies are so strong that they tune you into several stations at once. For example, when a portal opens, or when there is a change in the Schumann resonance, which raises the frequency of Gaia’s vibration. And don’t forget that her orbit is speeding up, too.

When there are peaks in the collective energy described above, it is like shearing off part of the atmosphere that protects you and all the other living organisms from the sun’s rays. There is less of a buffer, and you feel the light more intensely. This analogy of a “thinning atmosphere” can be compared to the thinning of the veils during the Ascension.

So, why exactly do you experience so many symptoms when the energies are greater? The reason is because as a human being, you still have a body. And yet, in truth you are a multidimensional being. When the energies are this powerful, and you are consciously aware of them, it overloads your body’s circuitry, taking you out of homeostasis.

As unpleasant as it may feel in the moment, remember that you are eternally supported by your guides. Although the peaks in energy may be occurring more frequently, you are a powerful being who can adapt to the ascension symptoms. All pain and discomfort can be mitigated, the more you let go and don’t judge them as wrong.

Remember that you made pre-birth intentions, including taking your seat on the Ascension Ride.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle    

4 thoughts on “The Ascension Ride

  1. I love this Daniel! 
    The carousel analogy is perfect as I often find myself thinking “stop the world,
    I wanna get off”! lol
    Then I remember that I signed up for this and I just ask my guides “can I please experience these shifts with ease and grace?” and almost immediately I will feel a “let up” of the intensity. It’s pretty cool (and also a little intimidating) coming into our “powers”, but we’ve truly got this!


    1. Yes and thanks, Rori! I have felt a lot of resonance lately with the word “grace” and yes, asking them to help us experience these shifts with ease and grace is empowering, for sure!


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