Question for The Oracle: What about pets?

Question from Kelly:

I’d love to know more about the roles pets, specifically dogs, play in our lives and consciousness. Do they have souls and past lives? Did they ever live human lives?

Answer from The Oracle:

Dear Kelly, we shall begin with your question about if pets, specifically dogs, ever live human lives. And we would say that the answer is yes, and no. Let us begin by establishing the multiple timelines that you, Kelly, experience as an awakening human being in the collective. There is an ancient timeline in which Karma has a great influence over the cycle of reincarnation. In this timeline, a human being could reincarnate as an animal, and vice versa. This is predicated on the concept of the degree of virtuous actions and non-virtuous actions that the entity engaged in during that lifetime.

The Karmic timeline is more steeped in duality, with each successive incarnation based on a punishment/reward system for the ratio of good deeds and bad deeds.

Generally speaking, the timeline in which Karma is prevalent fades as more human beings awaken. This is because the human collective consciousness has an increasing desire to experience Ascension, versus the Wheel of Karma. And so, in the Ascension timeline, the rules of the game are different.

In Ascension terms, humanity predominately vibrates in the fourth dimension, and is preparing to enter the fifth dimension. To fully resonate in any of the dimensions, each entity or collective must be a vibrational match. This is why dimensions are also called densities. Human beings at this “time” do not have full experiences in the upper dimensions, because their physicality is not a vibrational match to those dimensions that are non-linear. The beings that dwell in the upper dimensions have long ago ascended and thus they have already shed their physical bodies as a collective.

Humans beings have achieved a degree of sentience that places them further along the ascension path than their pet companions. They coincide in physical reality with respect to their ascension paths in the present, but even so a dog (as you define “dog”) doesn’t have the upward reach into the fourth dimension, in terms of perception and awareness.

Kelly, we’re going to challenge you a bit right now and ask you to expand your definition of what is a dog. As we explained, each entity/collective must possess certain attributes in order to be a vibrational match to each dimension. As one who is in the process of awakening, you may have heard of certain intergalactic beings, such as Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyrans, etc. There are some in your human collective that have had incarnations in other star systems. There are an infinite number of intergalactic beings, including some with canine features and humanoid bodies. Let’s not concern ourselves with what they are called. If you were to have an experience that connected you to one of these canine humanoid beings, would you be as accepting of them as you are your pet dogs? There is no right or wrong answer… just go within, visualize these particular entities and ask yourself this question.

We would like to conclude by declaring that every living being has a pearl of awareness, including dogs. To say that the pearl of a human being’s awareness is greater than that of a dog is a conditional judgement based a limited mindset that creates what you humans call a pecking order.

Kelly, you have no doubt looked into your pet’s eyes and seen the deep recognition of each other that is bonded by love. This mutual gaze is a collective memory being created in the Now. Your pet dog is a co-creator with you. Creation is eternally linked to Source, so that means your dog is also linked to Source.

He or she is so much more than a soul trying to get to heaven.

He or she is as much a part of All That Is as you are. Both are infinite in their worth.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle.

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