Question for the Oracle: Old vs. New Souls

Question from Isabelle:

I have Isabelle my energy pattern has ascended many times and that I’m an old soul? Meaning my energy experience is old. How is there new souls?

Answer from The Oracle:

Dear Isabelle, we sense in your question a desire to understand how your “new” experiences as Isabelle, which you create in the Now, square with the overarching energetic patterns of the multiple incarnations of your higher Self.

We would like first for you to imagine yourself, Isabelle, as a sugar cube. Someone places you into a cup of hot tea, and you dissolve. Your form has changed, but your essence, your sweetness, is still there. The field adds the memory of your sweetness to the Akashic record. That is one side of the veil. On the other side of the veil is the man or woman who sips the tea in their Now moment. They form a memory of that sugar cube’s sweetness, your sweetness, while they physically experience your sweetness via their taste buds. It is divine co-creation. Your physical incarnation, as that sugar cube, experiences a kind of “death” or transition, yet the greater aspect of who You truly are is retained.

Part of how human beings define “new” is something unique and unexpected. This definition of “new” is highly subjective. To illustrate, we ask you to contemplate the formation of icicles. Let’s suppose you live in a subtropical climate where a hard freeze only occurs once or twice in a decade. On those days, icicles form, and the local population greets them with awe and wonder. Many would be inspired to take photos of the icicles, to post on social media. Now, compare this to the experience of someone who lives in, say, a small town in New England. That individual is accustomed to seeing icicles every winter. While they may admire the sunlight reflecting on the icicles, the feeling of awe and wonder is not as intense. Yet, the icicle that forms on one rare day in a subtropical climate is no different from the viewpoint of Creation than the icicles that appear every winter in New England.

Our dear child Isabelle, you are a singular frequency in the field of All That Is. What the field gains from your collective experiences as Isabelle never dissolves. This is your gift to All, and remember our beloved, when you give someone a gift you do so with no attachment.

We invite you to keep creating experiences as Isabelle, and letting go of them. Just as you have never lost anything through giving to others, so you do not lose yourself in letting go of Isabelle as she experiences herself.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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