Conspiracy Theory

Imagine yourself walking on the beach during a relaxing afternoon. The sun is shining, and there is a gentle breeze. A short distance ahead, you see a rest area, and decide to stroll over there to sit down for a bit to enjoy the beautiful day. When you arrive, you see a bench, with a gentleman sitting on it. You start looking around for another place to sit, when you notice the gentleman waving you over to come sit with him. You decide to accept his invitation. As the two of you sit there, admiring the view, you introduce yourselves and strike up a conversation.

You soon learn that he is a professional deep-sea diver who specializes in recovering objects from shipwrecks. He pulls out his phone, and shows you photos of the different objects he recently brought to the surface. These include gold and silver coins, a pocket watch, bottles of vintage wine, etc.

As you look at the photos of the miscellaneous recovered objects, you understand that their relationship to each other is by virtue of having been aboard a ship that sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Otherwise, the pocket watch could have just as easily been kept in a desk drawer, the bottles of vintage wine in a cellar, etc. They just so happen to have been among the remains of the shipwreck, which was explored by this professional deep-sea diver.

The shipwreck and the diver act as organizing principles for these recovered objects. The proximity of these objects to each other was by virtue of the ship that wrecked, then by virtue of the diver who extracted them from the shipwreck. And yet, each of these objects retains their individual shape, density, and other inherent characteristics. Simply put, they are not interdependent. Indeed, they could each be sold separately at an auction. Now, it is possible that the auctioneer could sell them together as a lot, or an interested buyer could place the highest bid on some or all of them. This would create new organizing principles. And still, each object retains its individual characteristics, its discrete identity, as it were.

A great female writer from the past century of your time-space continuum, named Gertrude Stein, wrote a line that expresses this concept, and expands upon it, in the most elegant manner possible: “A rose is a rose is a rose.” In essence, a rose in a bud vase is the same as rose water and rose-scented perfume.

Allow us to now shift our attention momentarily away from shipwrecks and rose. We have observed on your planet a rise in conspiracy theories, and not just the ones that are headlines in what you would call the mainstream news media. Even among the awakened, there has been a strong attachment to various conspiracies, as proof that government institutions harbor insidious agendas that are fundamentally detrimental to humanity’s well-being.

It is not our intention to prove these theories wrong. We merely invite you to consider them from a different perspective, one that does not enslave you to them.

For some, chemtrails in the sky signify weather control, psychological manipulation, population control, or the testing of biological or chemical agents on an unknowing population. A simple Google search would pull up a great many websites and videos devoted to the topic. There has been so much offered as proof, so the chemtrail conspiracy theories must be true, in the mind of the triggered individual who is in fear.

We invite you to take a step backward, and look at the elements of the chemtrail conspiracy as individual elements (airplane, chemtrail, large corporations, government institutions, weather, psychology, chemistry and biology). Now, imagine them as objects that washed up on the beach where you were enjoying a nice long walk earlier.

We have two questions for you. Can you still acknowledge them ask individual objects, even if they happen to wash up on the beach on the same day? And, can you see how they still retain their individual size and shape, even if they are grouped together by other entities?

If you can do both, you are drawing upon your gift of discernment. This is one of your greatest gifts as a sentient, awakening human being.

It is okay to feel that what is told to you “feels” correct. But if that information triggers you, if it causes fear and instills limiting beliefs, you can empower yourself through discernment.

We are returning together to the beach one last time, for today. We invite you to look for and pick up a spiral shell, the kind that hermit crabs seek out for shelter. As you hold the shell, notice how it tapers upward to a point. This is the shell’s apex, similar to a mountain top, or the peak of a pyramid. In your mind’s eye, visualize a spark of light starting at the base of the shell, and traveling up the grooves of the spiral whorls to the very top.

That spark of light is your discernment, guiding and connecting you to higher Truths.

It is the spiral staircase that leads you from Fear to Love.

The word Conspire becomes Con-Spire, as you ascend that staircase.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle.

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