The Seeding of Consciousness

Some of you are not quite clear about what “seeding” means in terms of consciousness. We would like to explore this concept with you in this communication.

Imagine that you are visiting another town, and are walking around in a neighborhood that you do not know. On the side of one of the houses in the neighborhood, you see a beautiful, tall, magnificent sunflower. As you admire it, you may presume that the current homeowners planted it, or perhaps the previous homeowners. You probably would not think as much about a “weed” such as a dandelion, because that is a wild plant, not a cultivated one.

We shall return to the sunflower later. For now, we would like to discuss an important spiritual implication as it relates to plantings in flower beds, gardens, and fields. Although you did not see the hand, or hands, that planted the seeds, you presume that those individuals are human beings, like you. If you were raised in a Judeo-Christian society, you were taught to believe all human beings were created in the image of God, or the old man in the sky with a beard.

You can accept, without fear, the notion that God resides in heaven, in an invisible realm above the clouds. And, as such, any divine intervention from above is welcome.

You were taught to “fear God” as a humble servant. One of the servant roles is to be a faithful steward in the vineyard of the Lord.

This master -and-servant paradigm of the heavenly realm and the earthly realm excludes any beings that are not in the image of God, as your ancestors understood it.

As one who is in the process of awakening, you are shedding the false separation between you and God, for you have learned the truth that you are God, a unique aspect of Source. You are expanding beyond the heaven-and-earth analogy, as you begin to observe All That Is, that which is without separation.

And so, as your awareness expands, are you able to accept that, perhaps, many of the great teachings that are the cornerstones of human existence were instilled by beings that are not in the likeness of the being that you previously defined as God?

In truth, these teachings were “planted” on Earth by the beings that assisted the human collective in upgrading to the present version of itself, a fully sentient being who is now in the process of awakening to join other sentient beings in that which is called the Intergalactic Federation (or Council).

Some of those other beings planted seeds of consciousness in the collective memory of humanity, in a Now moment that created a past and future that bound together the teachings in a manner that would perpetuate and evolve over millennia. For those first fully developed members of homo sapiens, there was no rejection of the seeding of consciousness, for it was as if the collective beliefs were passed down from generations of their ancestors.

The “alien” races who seeded consciousness in the form of myths and legends knew that they would be rejected over time unless they were “im-planted” in humanity’s psyche on a cellular level. It was necessary to create the illusion that the that the only outside influences came from God (or Gods) who resided somewhere high above the clouds. This in turn necessitated the illusion that human beings are created in the image of God, but are not Gods themselves.

The idea of extraterrestrial beings having such a fundamental influence on the evolution of humanity is frightening to many in the collective. The underlying belief is that if the “invisible hand” that planted seeds of consciousness on Earth is an alien one, then it also has the power to enslave humanity. If not through invasion, then through mind control.

As you awaken to the truth that you are a god, are you willing to interact with other gods that do not resemble you?

Now that the seeding of Consciousness is flowering in humanity, are you willing to cross-pollenate with other beings whose own consciousness is already in bloom?

Going back to that sunflower growing in a flower bed on the side of a house… it is tall and blooming not by its own means. It is a beautiful representation of co-creation, for it was planted in fertile soil and given enough sunlight, and was nurtured by the physical hand of a human being.

You as a master creator are meant to create far beyond this tiny corner of the Universe called Earth. Open yourself to co-creation with other master creators, even the invisible ones.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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