The In-Formation of Desire and Experience

What does it mean to be multidimensional, from your perspective? If you believe that other dimensions exist, where are they located?

Many human beings, even awakened ones, would answer that there are indeed multiple dimensions, but that they are somewhere else in the Universe, outside of themselves.

This is because the concept of Self has yet to be fully integrated. Simply acknowledging that you are a limitless being having a human experience is barely scratching the surface. Now is the time to integrate the Self, not as a concept but as the deep understanding of who you truly are.

We will spend the rest of this communication elaborating on the core principle that you are the center of your Universe, and how this connects to your experiences in physical reality.

Many of you shift to parallel aspects of yourself all the time, unconsciously. Imagine yourself as a home renovator. You are at a social gathering at a friend’s house, and you overhear a conversation in which they express a desire to renovate their outdated kitchen, but wouldn’t know where to begin. In this scenario, you would likely walk over and begin telling your friend about what you see in your mind’s eye, based on your professional experience.

When you draw upon your expertise in something, you call it putting your (fill in the blank) hat on. In doing so, you activate that part of you that would not necessarily be activated in another scenario, such as shopping at the grocery store.

These points of activation are part of your expansion, since you gained them during your present life’s journey. There are other points of activation, but you may not be consciously aware of them, because of your conditioning and limiting beliefs.

Now imagine that you had once had a dream of attending culinary school to become a chef and open your own restaurant. Perhaps you didn’t fulfill this dream because of whatever the conditions were at that time, and so you chose a different path.

Now, what about that dream you had of opening your own restaurant? Would you feel some level of regret about not following through with that desire?

Do you understand that when you have a desire, you birth it, and that it immediately exists in your Field of Potentiality as real and true as every other desire you have ever had?

The inner plane of Self is unlike the outer plane of self. Part of its limitlessness is the truth that there is absolutely no attachment to an outcome. You may interpret that as a fundamental aspect of spiritual discipline. From the higher perspective, there is no discipline involved. It is merely a reflection of how the inner Self operates. It has no want nor need for the completion of anything it creates. In the non-physical realm, creation does not depend upon resources. Since the Self can never run out of the tools and materials of creation, it does not resist when you as a human being birth a desire. It also does not judge you for what you do or not do with regard to these desires.

When you create as a human being, even unfinished projects or unfulfilled dreams, you create a node in the web of your energy field.

Think of these nodes as geometric shapes. Some are triangles, some are squares. Others are rectangles and circles, etc. You create new ones all the time. Even when you brought home your first puppy or first kitten, that created a shape. If you were a child who wanted a pet pony, and didn’t get one, that still created a shape within your energy field.

And besides, can you be sure that you “never” had a pet pony? What if you participated in a past life regression, and remembered yourself as a little girl living on a farm in the early 1900’s, and were given a pony for your seventh birthday? In other words, the desires you birth may actually connect back to past realities.

We invite you to connect to your inner (or higher) self by visualizing these geometric patterns in your energy field, and yourself as an orb of light, illuminating them in the present moment as they become activated by your life experiences, even the ones your consider to be ordinary and mundane.

You see, you are not pinball in a machine. You do not “ping” the patterns in your energy field through effort and struggle, hoping to light them up as you try hard to keep the ball from going down the drain past the flippers.

Indeed, you are a master creator of reality who expands his or her energy field by becoming conscious of the countless points of activation that are infinitely accessible. If you grew up on a farm as a kid, and now live in a large city, you still have all of the information from that experience, because it “in-formed” energetically within your signature frequency. And that in-formation exists infinitely.

As a final point, you may perceive your own desires as being related to the most meaningful things in your life, your lofty goals and high aspirations. In truth, every single desire you have, no matter how small or insignificant it may appear to be, is a wonderful creation. This is because you are perpetually fulfilling the desire for Source to know itself, through you as one of the infinite amount of shapes that exist in the Universe.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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