The Tide of Self

Imagine a time in your recent past when you have felt a degree of uncertainty, when you were unsure of what action to take, when you felt “stuck” and were truly at a loss on how best to proceed. Perhaps there has been discord in some area of your life, and however you may wish to resolve it, you are truly unsure how to move forward.

At this point, you may remember yourself at a younger age, when you were had your first experiences as an adult, and were more confident, more daring, because it all seemed brand new, and you were eager to forge a path of new creation for your life. Perhaps your limiting beliefs about adulthood were less intense, as they had not yet taken root.

In recalling this stage of your life, you may feel wistful, and judge yourself. Why, you ask, have you allowed yourself to become this person who is doubtful, afraid to take leaps of faith? Aren’t you supposed to have enough life experience by now to know your way?

We ask you now to see your “past” self with more clarity. Is it not true that, when you were in your first few years of adulthood, that for all of your youthful vigor and daring, you were in a similar state of uncertainty? How did you manage that feeling?

Is it possible that you imagined your future self, several steps ahead, having traveled enough in your personal journey to better understand how to navigate the unknown terrain?

And, when your present self reaches back to the past self, who reaches forward to the future (present) self, do you know that you have completed a miraculous loop?

You see, all along you have conducted great exercises that are known as Future Pulling and Past Pulling.

Now is the time to understand these exercises and transcend those feelings of wistfulness and uncertainty. Now is the time to embrace more fully your Awakened Self.

In truth, the energy of your vibrational being is never at rest. You are infinitely immersed in a constant flow of energy.

Now imagine that you are visiting an historic estate full of heirloom furniture. In one of the rooms, you notice a magnificent grandfather clock, one that has a long pendulum that swings back and forth. What if we were to ask you to tell us if the pendulum was swinging forward when you first entered the room, or if it was swinging backward?

Most probably, you could not tell us, and this is perfect, for you now begin to understand that the “backward” and “forward” motions are, from a higher (non-linear) perspective, inconsequential. As magnificent as the grandfather clock appears to be, Time does not exist. It is an illusion.

If you were to walk into the room, and see the pendulum of the grandfather clock resting at the zero point, perfectly vertical, you would assume that it was in need of repair. Please understand that the same is true about yourself, in that the perception of being “stuck” or “motionless” is unnatural as well as irrational, since you are a limitless being.

When you first begin to explore Consciousness, you are taught that only the present moment exists. This principle develops and strengthens your present moment awareness. Once you begin to understand this on a cellular level, you expand enough to connect past, present and future to complete the loop, without longing for the past, or being anxious about the future. In short, you integrate more Self into your self.

The final destination that we invite you visit is a seashore. Depending on the time of the day that you visit it, there will be low tide, or high tide. How do you perceive them? Is low tide a retreat, and high tide an advancement? Or, are they simply infinite motions of the vast ocean?

You may imagine your present life’s journey of exploration as marching on a long and winding road. Invite yourself to imagine it also as ebbs and flows of the ocean waves. They are natural, rhythmic movements within that will make your journey more buoyant and effortless.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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