The Cosmic Net of Co-Creation

We shall begin by asking you to imagine yourself in a room watching an indigenous woman weave a beautiful tapestry on a loom. As you watch her at work, you may be inclined to give her sole credit for the tapestry’s creation. In doing so, you fail to give credit in turn to the person who constructed her loom, the person who dyed the yarn, the one who tended the flock of sheep that yielded the wool, the sheep themselves, the meadow where the sheep graze, etc. Let alone her ancestors, or the shamanic deities who guide her.

You see, Creation by its very nature is collaborative and multidimensional. Co-Creation weaves the Tapestry of All That Is with an infinite amount of threads. These threads are made of light, and the tapestry constantly changes colors and reweaves itself.

You are in the process of shifting to see the greater, seemingly invisible elements that shape the Universe. You are grounding in this principle, and expanding through it. Your consciousness has risen to the level at which one begins to understand the truth that singularity is an illusion.

In Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, there is a beautiful metaphor that helps explains the Universe. It is called Indra’s Net. Indra is an ancient deity, guardian and king of the highest heaven. He created the whole world’s appearance as a net of light with no beginning or end. At each node of the net there is jewel that is like a pearly dew drop that reflects and is reflected by every other dew drop. By virtue of their reflections, each jewel in the net implies that other jewels exist.

As is said on your planet, no one is an island onto themselves. You are each a drop in an ocean whose shimmering waves sparkle in the sunlight.

In your physical density, you inhabit a body that you perceive to be separate from everything around you. Your human body has enough density to retain its fundamental shape. Although your body is about sixty percent water, you do not evaporate, melt, or freeze solid under normal conditions. This is by design. You are, however, not your body.

Your true form is light, and your light reflects all of the other lights in the Cosmos.

The idea of being like a dew drop on a spider’s web, infinitely reflecting the other dew drops, may give you a sense of loss of self-identity. And yet, the truth is that there is no loss anywhere in the Universe. Everything that exists is designed to connect to everything else. Imagine a barren and desolate world in which every creature was an invisible spectre that was completely unaware of the billions of other spectral inhabitants. What would be the purpose of entering such a realm, with no tangible means of expression, nor creation?

Each and every one of you has a signature frequency. In the same breath, we proclaim that you match all of the other frequencies. It is only a contradiction from a linear perspective.

A jewel that lacks the desire to reflect All That Is dulls its own surface.

You are meant to shine, and allowing yourself to reflect All That Is will lead to many brilliant creations. Collectively, it will help humanity expand into Oneness.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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