Worthiness is ground zero for your discovery of Self. If you are feeling unworthy, you must look within, below, and around yourself.

To regain your sense of worthiness, you must ground yourself, do your shadow work, and also look at what’s being reflected back to you. Every trigger of your unworthiness must be neutralized, so that you can reconnect to Self.

You were both worthy, and when you transition you will choose another exploration in an inborn state of worthiness.

Forgetting that you are worthy is like misplacing the key to your car, or your front door. You may think the key is lost, after you have looked in a dozen drawers, searched in every crevice of your sofa, etc. But, in truth, that key has not disappeared. It still exists. Interestingly enough, it’s when you stop efforting and struggling to find it and allow yourself to sit down and just “be” that you suddenly remember where you last placed it. This is not by accident.

The key merely gives you access to your home, or your car. The key is not your home, and not your car. It’s the same with your worthiness. Whether you remember or forget, connect or disconnect, your worthiness always exists. It is eternally tied to you.

As a unique aspect of Source Consciousness, you are immanently worthy. Not “imminently” which means “very soon” but rather “immanently” which means “inherently” or “intrinsically.”

You can go through a thousand lifetimes pretending you are unworthy, and you will have been worthy every step of the way.

Your worthiness is inalienable. It cannot be taken away, nor thrown away. It permanently dwells within the very core of one’s Self. It is a seeding in the Universe that can never be uprooted.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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