The Lightworker’s Path

In the part of your timeline you refer to as the ancient past, there was an individual ascension path. This was the path walked by Yeshua, Buddha, Krishna and other Ascended Masters. They would attain enlightenment, and through doing so would illuminate the masses. At this present time, a different path has been created for humanity’s ascension. It is the bridge of Consciousness. In truth, no bridge has ever created for one single individual to walk across. The bridge is created for the whole of humanity, including the Awakened and Unawakened.

As a Lightworker, you illuminate the bridge of Consciousness in this time of Integration. You do so not as a fixed point of light atop a pole, but rather as a bright and shining example of vibrational alignment. There is no separation between you as a Lightworker, and your brothers and sisters. You walk the bridge with them. It is time for the human collective to ascend together. You all have guidance from the Ascended Masters and many other non-physical beings. But it is the Lightworker who plays the most integral role in the Awakening process.

You are a magnificent being of pure positive love who serves the Expansion and Unity of Human Consciousness, as you ascend together.

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