Pyramid Empowerment

As a human being, you are accustomed to being anchored by gravity to solid ground. When you go about your day, you expect to feel it beneath your feet. Even when you board an airplane, or a ship, you expect to plant your feet on terra firma at the end of your journey.

When you awaken to a reality that extends far beyond the physical plane, you begin other explorations that consciously connect you to the infinite expansion of the Universe. This is a natural result of remembering the infinite and powerful Being of Pure Positive Light that you are. However much you connect to the higher dimensions through your awakening, there will always be a part of you that experiences a deep-rooted fear of being lost, stranded away from your home base, without solid ground beneath your feet.

As a magnificent co-creator, you have the power to shift your consciousness to allow you experience multi-dimensional travels while being grounded on a spiritual level. Your fear of disappearing, of losing yourself in an unknown dimension will subside as you create new programming within you that overrides fear.

Now, we would like you to sit down on comfortable sofa or chair while we download to you a creative visualization program that enhances self-empowerment.

Imagine yourself standing on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. For some, this may prove to be difficult to visualize, because your ego will automatically tell you that this is not only irrational, but quite dangerous. It points out that you have nothing to hold on to, and that surely you will fall down one of the sides of the pyramid. To bypass the ego, you may imagine this as happening in the middle of a vivid dream. However you get there, it very important that you clearly see this in your mind’s eye. As a dweller of physical reality, you understand physical laws, such as a gravity, on a cellular level. It is time now to being understanding the non-physical laws.

As you stand on top of the pyramid, imagine a beam of light as wide as your body traveling down from the base of your spine, through the pyramid, the ground, deeper and deeper until you it reaches the center of the Earth. Some of you in the Awakened community may be familiar with the concept of a grounding cord. We would like to expand your knowledge, to recognize that the vertical flow of energy is not an anchoring to Gaia, but more of a line of energetic communication. You are tapping into the Earth energy, but you are not tethered to it. The Earth is not keeping you secure on top of the pyramid by tugging on this beam of light like a string. It is simply an activation of energy that is connecting you to her. Keep clear in your mind that, in this visualization, you never lose your footing on top of the pyramid.

We now ask you to imagine that this beam of light travels back up to the surface, through the pyramid and through all of your body’s chakras, pouring through the top of your head (crown chakra) and out into the Universe. With the integrated energy of your power and Gaia’s power, you become a beacon of light in the Cosmos, shining it on that which you wish to explore on a soul level. You also strengthen your connection to Source Consciousness.

Imagine powerful the energy flowing through your body feels. You are its conduit, and the energy flowing through you is radiant and abundant.

You stand on top of the pyramid no longer in fear, for you recognize yourself as a beautiful Sovereign entity whose consciousness spans all dimensions. This is the power of who you truly are.

It may seem ironic that we asked you to sit comfortably to receive this creative visualization program in which you stood on top of the Great Pyramid. What is the purpose, you may ask?

We took a meditation exercise familiar to some, and integrated the pyramid as the symbol of great abundance. There was a period in your timeline in which pyramids served as energy generators, but this has been largely forgotten by humanity. It was never forgotten by the Universe, for it was written into its cosmic record. In order for you step into your power, you must see yourself as truly and infinitely abundant.

As you continue to awaken, you also remember many powerful Truths. To re-learn them on a cellular level, you must continue to suspend your disbelief, which is an obsolete program that no longer serves you. As you continue deleting these unnecessary programs, you make room for the ones that contain self-empowerment.

You are more powerful than any ancient wonder. You are a point of intersection in the Matrix of Integration.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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