The Delphic Oracle IV: The Triad

In our prior three communications, we explored together three Oracular elements that, in truth, form one of the most powerful sacred geometric patterns: The Triad.

In a sense, these three elements of The Oracle at Delphi were interdependent. Without the Pythia, there would be no motivation for the Consultant to travel to the Temple of Apollo to seek counsel. Without the Scribe (the male priest, and/or the ancient Greek scholars), the Consultants themselves would not have understood the Pythia’s trance-induced prophecies. Also, there would be no written record of the Delphic oracles, of which over five hundred have survived. Without the Consultant, there would be no need for a Pythia, nor a Scribe.

There were other Triad patterns incorporated into the Oracle at Delphi. The gilded seat of the Pythia was a tripod. At the peak of Delphi, there were three Pythias who served, two alternating and one kept in reserve. There were three offerings given by the Consultant to Apollo: The laurel branches, the monetary gifts, and the sacrificed ram. Also, there were three maxims inscribed on the “pronaos” (forecourt) of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi: Know Thyself, Nothing to Excess, and Surety Brings Ruin.

The Triad of the Pythia, Scribe and Consultant is far greater than their respective physical entities. Indeed, the Triad represents three powerful aspects of Truth.

Spoken Truth: Emanates from the Throat Chakra. Direct connection to Source Consciousness, and Universal Creation. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Recorded Truth: The documentation of Truth, passed to future generations and cosmically entered into the Universal Library (Akashic Record).

Received Truth: Psychic connection to wisdom from the higher dimensional non-physical entities, including the Higher Self and Oversoul.

Although Truth has always carried a high frequency, and has existed since the creation of the Universe, it has evolved. The emanation of Truth in your present timeline in the Time-Space Continuum is more pure and clear as compared to the Oracles in Ancient Greece. In our final communication regarding the Oracle at Delphi, we shall explore together this wondrous evolution.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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