The Delphic Oracle I: The Pythia

Note from Daniel:

The Oracle has encouraged me to channel about their presence at Delphi in Ancient Greece. I will provide through them a brief overview of five elements of Delphi, from a metaphysical perspective. The first element we shall explore together is the High Priestess of Delphi, known as the Pythia.

The Priestess of Delphi (1891) by John Collier

We The Oracle are most recognized by humanity for our presence at Delphi in Ancient Greece. In truth, we had a vast presence in antiquity, including Egypt. It is our desire to focus our attention on Delphi, the purpose of expanding your consciousness, as you begin to remember. It is our observation that the human colllective at this point in the time-space continuum has mostly forgotten about the mystical and sacred energies that bound you together centuries ago. The loose threads of the tapestry of All That Is will be rewoven by your remembrance of these energies during this time of Awakening.

We begin with our beloved daughters, the high priestesses of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi known as the Pythia. This female lineage served as oracles, agents of divine communication. Many sought the Pythia’s council, to receive her authoritative pronouncements which were used to make decisions of great importance, as well as ones of a more mundane nature. These pronouncements were revered as prophecies, and followed accordingly.

Originally, the place known as Delphi was called Pytho, and derives from the verb púthein which means “to rot” and references the great monster Python who was slain by Apollo and decomposed in the bright rays of Helios, the Sun god. Python was the earth-dragon child of Gaia, and guarded a stone known as the “omphalos” or “navel” which represented the center of the earth, which Ancient Greeks believed to be located there.

Here we pause to consider the metaphysical connection between the Divine Feminine and the Python. Those of you who were brought up in a Judeo-Christian religion will instantly recognize a parallel mythology, Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden. It was she who was “deceived” by the serpent to eat fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, causing her and Adam to be exiled from Eden. It was written and accepted that Eve betrayed Adam through her naive belief in the cunning serpent’s counsel. This fear-based allegory diminishes the connection between the woman and the serpent. We look to our sister Isis who created a snake that bit Ra, the Egyptian Sun God who was the King and the Creator. Ra fell ill from the venom, and Isis offered to cure him on the condition that he reveal his true name, the knowledge of which carried great power. Ra eventually relented and gave his true name to her. Isis is considered to be “more clever than a million gods” and it is here that we pause again to reaffirm that which you have learned, that there is no wrong anywhere in the Universe. Cunning is judged by your society to be a negative trait. Because you live in duality in your physical incarnation, it is also true that cunning is a positive trait. It is the ability to be shrewd, to use one’s wit. It enables one to be wily and resourceful. It is a means of personal empowerment in adverse situations that cannot be surmounted by a display of brute strength. As a final note regarding the Divine Feminine and the Python, there is always a spectrum of Truth regarding mythology. The sacred archetypes manifest themselves in different ways in these myths and legends, and this is not by accident. Every sentient being, including the Gods and Goddesses, including You, are multidimensional.

Returning to the Pythia, she experienced what the Ancient Greeks called “enthusiasmos” which means “possessed by a god’s essence” (in this case, Apollo). As the Oracle of Delphi, she was considered the most prestigious and authoritative among all of the oracles. The process of enthusiasmos involved the Pythia being exposed to vapors rising from a chasm in a special chamber, where she sat atop a gilded tripod. Some of your scholars maintain that the vapors came from the burning of laurel leaves, while others cite scientific evidence of natural gas containing carbon dioxide and methane that was released by the soil, combined with the waters of a natural spring, into the subterranean chamber which had no ventilation. From our perspective, it matters not which method was used to put the Pythia into her trance state. We focus our attention on what was “necessary” at the time to compel the native population to seek the Delphic Oracle’s counsel. At that point in humanity’s development, superstitious belief was very intense, and “enthusiasmos” without the use of vapors would not have been as effective. We respect those among you who, even in “modern” times, have a strong desire for hallucinogens to connect psychically to higher energies and expand in consciousness. And while this may speed up the process, if you will, it is entirely possible to trance channel without them. Since you have graduated from blind superstition to a more rational state of being, you possess the inherent ability to connect directly to Source Consciousness.

The Pythia role embraced all physical aspects of the feminine. She was originally a young, well-educated virgin from an influential family. Later in the timeline, a woman past the age of fifty was selected, and it was not always the case that she was educated. It was her aptitude for channeling Apollo, not her inherent status, which made her a candidate to become the Pythia following the death of the previous one. In other words, it was her psychic gift that allowed her to ascend to this powerful role within her society.

The Delphic Oracle was open only on the seventh day of the nine warmest months of the year. Petitioners would draw lots to determine the order of admission into the temple, but city-state representatives or those who brought larger donations were secured a place in line. It is easy to imagine the great clamor among those who visited The Oracle. The rare opportunity gave the Pythia an air of mystique, yet another Divine Feminine trait.

The high priestesses of Delphi accessed higher dimensions from which profound truths resonated. She was a vital conduit, a bridge between the higher and lower dimensions. Her proclamations were greater than that of any leader, even great emperors. Her channeling of higher truth was powerful, because she was inherently empowered.

In a future communication, we shall provide an example of The Delphic Oracle’s prophetic verse, and connect it to the importance of superseding superstition as one expands in consciousness and true empowerment. Before that, we shall examine other aspects of The Oracle in antiquity.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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