Bouncing Balls of Emotion

As a human being, you inevitably will find yourself in a state of emotional overwhelm. In your daily existence, you attract positive and negative emotions. The contrast of these feelings and emotions, within a certain threshold, does not throw you off kilter. You fundamentally understand that this is the human experience. One moment, you may be upset at something. Then, something else catches your attention, perhaps a funny commercial, a beautiful sunset, your pet dog or cat approaching, etc. The vibration of the negative feeling is replaced by the new, positive feeling.

There are times, however, when you have a barrage of negative feelings inside, and it feels like too much to bear. This doesn’t happen with positive feelings, because by their nature they are of a lighter, more elevated frequency. The negative ones are heavy, dense, and calibrate below the level of neutrality.

In those moments of fear, anxiety and distress, you may cry out to the Universe, “Why me?” It doesn’t make sense, living in a world that seems to negatively impact you at every turn.

Do you know why your Higher Self chose to experience your present lifetime on Planet Earth (or Gaia)? Every world, every dimension and parallel reality offers different experiences and opportunities for spiritual evolution. So, what is the main attraction here on Earth?

It is Emotional Mastery.

You are undoubtedly aware that on the other side of the veil there is the perpetual bliss. Every single being in non-physical reverberates with total peace. The trade-off is that emotions aren’t part of that experience.

If you find yourself in a “bad place” in your life, and think you’d rather be on the other side, remember that your Higher Self benefits from your physical experience, and that even when you feel down in the dumps, there is always the greater Truth to behold. At no time here on Earth have you been immersed in the totality of one single emotion. And, each emotion has a multitude of characteristics.

Think of times when you have cried. Were you always sad, angry or upset? We would guess that you have probably “cried” when something was so damn funny and you laughed so hard that tears started coming out (like that often-used emoji).

Now, back to the states of emotional overwhelm. Because the experience of being of human is so immersive, it may be hard to separate yourself from all the negative emotions. We acknowledge this, and for this reason we invite you to participate in a creative visualization exercise to gain a higher perspective as well as greater understanding.

We invite you to imagine yourself as something that is not human, nor animal. It is not a plant. It is not even a rock. In fact, it’s a flat surface.

What could it possibly be?

We invite you to imagine yourself as a tennis court. Yes, a tennis court.

Imagine yourself a perfect facsimile of a tennis court, except for one key difference:  You retain your human consciousness/awareness.

Now, imagine that two tennis players enter your surface to play a match. These two players are here to compete, but there’s more going on. They are human, after all. One player is having an incredible day. They just made plans with their spouse to travel to a long-desired destination next month. They are simply excited about the forthcoming trip, and are looking forward to the experience of a lifetime. The other player is having a not-so-incredible day. They sustained a sports injury a few months ago, and the recovery was difficult. They also are having marital problems, and see divorce on the horizon.

From your perspective as a tennis court, you don’t care about who wins or loses the match. You are a tennis court, and you are focused on serving your purpose. You also are not invested in either player emotionally, but you do have perceptions of their emotional states. Every time they swing their tennis rackets at the neon yellow ball approaching, it resonates with feeling. The subtle energy that extends from the feeling transfers to the ball, which bounces upon your surface.

How does it feel to have the energy of the ball bouncing on you, swung at positively and negatively? How do you envision it?

From a limited perspective, you might focus on the confusion of the ball’s energetic resonance, the contrast of positive and negative impact on your surface. You may want the game to end quickly, so that these “feelings” go away.

From a higher perspective, you realize that as quickly as a ball bounces on you, it bounces away. If it happens that fast, who cares who swung at it, and what they were feeling at that moment? That tennis ball will never hit your surface with a thud. It will always bouce.

So, which reality do you prefer, in terms of feelings and emotions? Are you creating a reality in which they hit you like a wrecking ball, or simply bounce off you like tennis balls? Because you are a multi-dimensional being, you are empowered enough to choose not only what you attract but how you react.

To conclude this creative visualization exercise, let’s consider the tennis players one last time. The one that is having a “bad” day is not always serving “bad” tennis balls. In the midst of the sports injury and divorce stories, they suddenly think of some weekend plans with friends, and in that good-feeling moment they swing with happiness. The one that is having a “good” day suddenly realizes they forgot to renew their vehicle inspection sticker on time, and in that bad-feeling moment they swing with frustration.

In any given moment, there is the potential to attract the full spectrum of feelings and emotions. It is never one single experience, not within you, nor outside of you.

You are an empowered being of love and acceptance. Your energy is far greater than any single emotion, because you are the full spectrum of potentiality. Allow whatever heads your direction to bounce, even that which gives you great joy. Because soon enough, another amazing experience will come your way.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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