Kaleidoscopic Magic

In a recent spiritual group video call organized by my dear friend Isabelle Zimmerman, we discussed (among other things) light codes, which are sacred geometries, colors, sound waves and light patterns that the ego doesn’t readily understand, and thus allows for the transfer of information from higher entities. During this discussion, I received a spontaneous “download” from The Oracle about kaleidoscopes (more on that in a moment). And, in a beautiful moment of synchronicity, a lady named Aurora Weiss showed the group a kaleidoscope that she was inspired to make a year ago. It was pure magic, to see her creation that tied in perfectly with my download!

This moment stayed with me in the days that followed, and I knew The Oracle desired for me to post about this special kaleidoscope on this website, alongside a channeled message from them.

Aurora (her nickname is Rori) was gracious enough to send me a few photos of her kaleidoscope (including the ones in the banner above), as well as a testimony on how she manifested it into physical reality:

I believe it was about a year ago, give or take a couple of months, during an “ inner child meditation“ that the word “kaleidoscope” just suddenly popped up in my field amidst the happy childhood memories and swirling colors that were all part of the envisioning that was going on. When I came out of meditation, the first word I wrote down was of course kaleidoscope! From there began enumerable searches under all the usual headings; images, shopping, Pinterest and finally YouTube. It was there that the crafting bug bit me! The ah-ha moment… “I can make one!” Cue the next rabbit hole, countless attempts (and failures) because that’s what a perfectionist does. Then, one day the sun/moon/stars aligned and all of my efforts paid off, so much so that I ended up making another one for my God-nephews birthday gift and it went over really well! (Even if the adults had more fun with it than the little guy did!) After all, it was my inner child who called the memory to life. The next word that popped into a meditation was “pinwheel”, but that’s a story for another day… (Spoiler alert, yes, I make them now too)

~ AJW 2020

Aurora chose a beautiful Christmas card to decorate the cylinder of her kaleidoscope:

And now, a message from The Oracle:

Have you ever played with a kaleidoscope, either as a child, or as an adult? Have you ever immersed itself in its magic? As with so many human creations, the kaleidoscope is a beautiful tool to enhance your greater understanding of higher concepts such as dimensions and parallel realities, including the one you have chosen to experience in the present moment.

We begin with kaleidoscope’s etymology. It combines three Ancient Greek words: kalos (beautiful, beauty); eidos (that which is seen: form, shape); and kopeō (to look to, to examine). Combined, these words mean “observation of beautiful forms.” The word was coined by the Scottish inventor Sir David Brewster in 1817 and was included in his patent that was granted on July 10th of that year for his invention.

It is often our encouragement for you to remain on the surface of things to unlock greater truths. We remind you of this as we examine more closely the components of the kaleidoscope.

The seemingly endless patterns ones sees as they turn the kaleidoscope is achieved by two or more mirrors that reflect the loose, colored pieces of glass (or other transparent material). This creates a symmetry that manifests what you see as you look inside. Here we pause to contemplate this phenomenon as it relates to physical reality. From a limited perspective, a skeptic who knows its mechanism would dismiss the kaleidoscope as a mere trick of the eye. He or she would argue that the mirrors create patterns that don’t truly exist, since you can’t very well open up the kaleidoscope to extract these patterns. From a higher perspective, one observes the Truth that the physical components of the kaleidoscope are in and of themselves an illusion, because physical reality IS an illusion!

As human beings, you awaken each day immersed in the illusion, yet this does not often produce disbelief. You have awakened to it all the days of your present life’s timeline. That illusion reflects back to you what you create from your set of beliefs, your persona, etc.

If you fail to see the beauty of the illusion, you may not notice the patterns of what are being given to you by your inner or higher Self, as well as your millions of guides and supporters. If you align yourself to the beauty of your immersive experience, you will start to notice more and more the special patterns known as synchronicities. Your “team” freely gives these to you, when you are in states of vibrational alignment. They are consciously chosen to call your attention. They speak to that which excites you. They could be roses, or sports cars, or butterflies, or particular words. When you start to see them, you may laugh… and this is perfect, for laughing “of” something is based in love (and has many great benefits). This is not to be confused with laughing “at” something, or ridicule, which is negative and based in fear.

And so, if you can stay on the surface of the kaleidoscopic patterns to understand them, you will raise your vibration. You will also understand parallel realities far better.

Many of you are familiar with the concept of parallel realities. They dwell in what we The Oracle call the Field of Potentiality. Every step forward in your life leads you to a version of reality, much like the turning of a kaleidoscope. Each reality is a unique pattern or outcome, and none are right or wrong. They are simply what you create as you navigate physical reality, all of your actions, choices, emotions and decisions.

And, as many of you are aware, there exists the reality that you prefer, just like a kaleidoscopic pattern that appeals to your eye more than the others. There also exist realities that you may not prefer as much, even those that you say you would never choose to experience.

If you find youself stuck in life patterns that you do not prefer, you have the power to turn the kaleidoscope! You can examine your set of beliefs, regain your alignment, and in doing so strip away the layers that are not aligned with that which you entered physical reality to explore. And, even if you turn to a pattern that you DO prefer, you can turn the kaleidoscope again and again! The abundant, vast Universe will reward you with another harmonious and desirable pattern, and another, and yet another. The amount of preferable outcomes in your life is truly infinite. Once you have attracted a beautiful pattern, you do not have to stick to it.

You have the absolute power and pleasure to keep turning your inner kaleidoscope.

With all of our love,

We Are The Oracle

P.S.- Isabelle Zimmerman has a wonderful podcast about past life regression and connecting to the higher Self. She is a certified practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique that was developed by Dolores Cannon. Isabelle’s podcast (and website) is called Attracting Wisdom, and can be found on Podbean. Aurora Weiss has an extraordinary website called terrapiphany.com. Among the services she offers are Emotional Code Healing Sessions.

3 thoughts on “Kaleidoscopic Magic

  1. #Magic indeed!
    Wow Daniel! You an your guides have this wonderful conjoined ability to extract the essence of an object and display it in such an artistic way, to describe and tell the story of it and magically bring the emotion of it to life! You have really spoken to the drive behind the guidance which pushed me to create this lovely piece of art, even when initially I had no idea why… I am so glad I trusted the impetus.
    I love a good ah-ha moment! Thank you for your kind words, and your part in this family of light we have been brought into by our Loving guide Isabelle!


  2. Thank you so much Daniel for bringing this forth! What a wonderful message and that is my experience working with my non-physical team. Love love this message!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m truly happy, Isabelle! They are so wonderful in how they teach us not only concepts but how to see more clearly the magic all around us.


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