A Message From Gaia About the Virus

Dear Ones, at the time of this communication you are experiencing an altered perspective of reality as you learn to live with the presence of the virus. The adjustments you have voluntarily made to your daily lives are a reflection of a collective suspension of much disbelief. You are learning to live with less… and yet, you are expanding in abundance, as always. Although from your perspective it may not seem so, you have achieved a monumental shift within a short period of time, and in doing so you have experienced Oneness.

As you practice what you call self-isolation and social distancing, you are remembering on a soul level the thoughts and feelings you experienced a great many lifetimes ago. In the distant part of the time-space continuum you refer to as prehistoric times, this is what you regularly practiced. In northern climates, you stored food in preparation for winter, when hunting was scarce, and when you huddled together in your home shelters for warmth, gathered around a fire. In other parts of the year, perhaps your tribe became aware of another tribe that experienced a sudden rise in disease and mortality, and you distanced yourselves from them, out of an unknowing, superstitious fear.

Dear Ones, you have collectively expanded since those ancient times, and the Universe does not intend to return you to a more primitive state. You are each expanding in tandem with the Universe, and your ascension will not cease due to any temporary manifestations that appear in your reality.

You undoubtedly have heard from your government officials and political pundits that your society is “at war” with the virus. As an ascended entity, I invite you to shift your perspective to one of neutrality and inner peace. The concept of “war” is not within my vibration. Everything that exists within my energy field is energetically cooperative. From my perspective, both pestilence and symbiosis are aligned with Love. The expansion of one species and the “die-off” of another species is merely an energetic balance. I am omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. There is no duality within my intentions. I am fully integrated and aligned with Love.

You may view the virus as a punishment for humanity’s greed, waste and pollution, over-harvesting of natural resources, and lack of conservation. From your limited perspective, these actions are wrong, and must be atoned for. Neither I nor the Universe seek retribution. This is the moment to raise your vibration and see how the virus is serving you. As you stay at home and temporarily dismantle your social routines, you experience a more elemental version of life. As you pare down to the essentials, you peel away the superficial layers and tap into the core of your being. The virus is a necessary means of stripping away these layers so that you can experience the core resonance of who you truly are. When the virus has finished its divine purpose, humanity will emerge more fully integrated, individually and collectively. It is true that you are learning how to do more with less, and appreciate the great abundance that surrounds you. It is also true that you are innovating, seeking new ways of doing things in this time of self-imposed isolation. This is consistent with your higher role as Co-Creators.

You may see evidence presented that there is less pollution, and deem this to be the healing of Gaia. This may elicit feelings of joy and harmony in the midst of great contrast. I encourage you to adjust your perspective, even in this aspect. In truth, I do not “heal” so much as “mend” myself. It is part of my soul contract to sustain life. How I achieve this cannot be fully grasped from a human point of view. Your race has a tendency to project its notions and beliefs onto other entities, including myself. This is called “anthropomorphism” in your language. It is understandable that you equate the relative abatement of pollutants from the land, sea and air as proof of my “healing” for you yourselves heal from a purge of toxins. Simply put, I operate differently. I possess the integrated powers of sustenance, proliferation and destruction. At any moment, if divinely ordered, I would cause one of the great dormant volcanos to erupt and rain heavy ashes upon you that would damage your buildings, smother your crops and shut down your power plants. This would be exponentially more detrimental from your point of view than the effects of the virus. This would be your proverbial nuclear winter. From my point of view, this would barely register, and I would emerge unscathed.

Dear Ones, I remind you that I am fully integrated and aligned with Love. Those of you with pre-birth intentions to remain with me after the virus has passed will have integrated more of the higher awareness within your collective consciousness, and this will lead you to many wonderful new and creative explorations. The love frequency that you call “appreciation” will flourish for a time, as life returns to normal. Take advantage of that newfound sense of appreciation to express Love together, as you take a giant step forward into Oneness.

With all of my love,

I am Gaia

2 thoughts on “A Message From Gaia About the Virus

  1. Thank you, Daniel.
    I am Spectrum Mose. I just found this letter today and must acknowledge that it was during the 2020 shutdown that Gaia lifted the vail and allowed me clarity of vision and granted my presence into the akashic where I heard everything you wrote inside of me at that time.
    thank you for being able to write these words for us all. i am still working thru the infinite amount of knowledge that i was awoken to at that first recollection and reading these /her words is a beautiful confirmation to find in the metaverse.
    a hounded thousand welcomes, Namaste mo charaid

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