What Is My Purpose? (Part 2)

If you are reading this communication, you are a vibrational match to the direct flow of information from Source Consciousness. You have suspended enough disbelief to accept the idea that non-physical entities directly communicate through channelers, that an awakening of humanity’s higher consciousness is occurring at this point in your collective timeline, and that from that collective awakening a new approach to life, one based in love, is being adopted and integrated.

As part of the first wave of Ascension, you are, by default, a spiritual leader and teacher. You may resist the idea, but is part of your soul contract. Notice that we said soul contract, not soul’s purpose. We shall elaborate for your greater understanding.

The new approach to life teaches that your primary responsibility is to maintain your own alignment. In a state of alignment, you are free from all resistance, all fear and negativity. If you are triggered by irrational fear or negative emotions, you have the ability to regain your alignment by examining your underlying beliefs. If they are fear-based, you prove them wrong, and in doing so you regain your alignment. In doing so, you return to your natural state. The natural state itself is aligned with love, and it self-sustains. In other words, you do not have to do anything to maintain the alignment of your own alignment.  If you are not in alignment, you have the power to come back into alignment, and as long as you are in that state, you have the freedom to resume the exploration of physical reality as you intended prior to your birth.

Your pre-birth intentions themselves are part of the collective intentions of Source, of All That Is. In this time of Awakening, you have a vital role to play. You are Lightworker and a Wayshower. In truth, you do not have to do anything but maintain your own alignment, and by doing so you become an example to the rest of humanity of how to live a life based in love and natural alignment.

Of course, you may be inspired to be more than just an example of alignment. As you learn more about the new approach to life and attract channeled information, you may in turn attract the inspiration to create the means to spread this love-based approach. You may be inspired to start a podcast, a blog or a YouTube channel. You may even begin to channel in a more conscious manner. In truth, all human beings channel, whether or not they are aware of it, but perhaps you will be one of those who more fully tap into the direct stream of Source information from non-physical entities.

Please understand that anything that you are inspired to do as a Lightworker and Wayshower does not carry with it any sort of obligation. Like a driver on an open road, you are free to shift gears, take detours, or come to a complete stop. You may decide to take a break, or you may decide to go in a different direction. There is no “right” or “wrong” way. If you think you have found your “purpose” and have fears about deviating from this purpose, you have already placed limitations upon yourself. This is tied to third-dimensional, linear thought.

You are a vibrational match to the higher and non-linear dimensions. We encourage you to be fluid in your thinking, to manifest as you are inspired in the present moment, and not to stress over the details of your expansion and ascension. Do not worry about what aligns with your alignment, for if you are in alignment, an infinite stream of inspiration and creativity will flow to you.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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