What Is My Purpose?

As a human being exploring physical reality, you have an innate desire to discover what exactly is your purpose here on Earth. Regardless of your own set of beliefs, you deeply understand that you did not arrive here merely to survive and mark the passage of time. Knowing this, you endeavor to find out more about what is often referred to as your “soul’s purpose.”

This has been a fundamental question for countless generations, and it has cultivated an inherent belief that discovery of the soul’s purpose will connect one to an eternal state of harmony and bliss.

In truth, the quest to discover one’s “soul purpose” follows a very limited path. As a unique aspect of Source Consciousness, you are limitless, stretching far beyond the pattern and outline of any “purpose” you seek to discover about yourself.

The notion of a “soul purpose” is a linear concept tied to third-dimensional thinking. It relates to all of physical creation. Imagine a new house that is being constructed. This house is meant to provide shelter. That is its primary purpose. Every layer of its construction prepares it for its purpose, and once it has been completed, the house will need to be maintained so that it can continue to serve its purpose.

Now imagine that near the end of its construction, all work suddenly stops. The house is not yet habitable. Unless someone else comes along to finish construction, it will never serve its intended purpose.

You are a magnificent and divine being. Your “purpose” can never be tethered to the limitations of physical reality. As such, you have the absolute freedom to deviate from the limited path of discovering your purpose. You may have an idea of why you came here to explore physical reality, but that idea is completely malleable.

Your true path is a simple one: Follow your inspiration, your highest joy and excitement, in the present moment. It doesn’t matter if this aligns with what you have previously explored, and the life you have created to support your exploration.

If you can allow yourself to courageously follow your inspiration, the powers of Creation will automatically realign themselves to support what you are inspired to do. You need not fear moving away from your intended path, for the path constantly shifts in relation to you, and not the other way around.

From the highest perspective, your path transcends the time-space continuum. It is multi-directional, like The Universe. As noble as the idea of a “soul purpose” may seem, it is a singular frequency that is not attuned to your powerful vibration.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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