The Universal Spectrum of Truth

In this time of unlimited access to infinite sources of information, what constitutes “the truth” is a constant subject of speculation and argument. You bear witness to this daily as you connect to the digital stream and its unrestricted flow. A greater understanding of Truth and is a powerful tool of discernment available to you as you navigate the stream flowing through humanity’s consciousness.

From the moment you entered physical reality, you have been conditioned to think of Truth as binary. You have been educated to play the game of true or false, and this has vastly shaped your perception of reality. You have done this not only as a student in a classroom. You have willingly played the game. You have been rewarded, by others or yourself, for your knowledge of facts and trivia.

If someone were to tell you that Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1792, you would undoubtedly feel an urge to correct them. “No, you’re off by a few centuries” is what you might say. You would experience a negative feeling of disbelief, even irritation, at the mere idea that someone else could possibly believe this to be true.

At this point, we would like to ask you this question: In whose reality did this event occur in the year of 1492? In your current lifetime, were you there to witness the event? Or, have you accepted this as Truth as it was presented to you?

We ask you this not to challenge what you were taught. We only do so to invite the idea that your perception of reality is merely your perception. If you can accept this notion, you have taken a critical first step in deepening your awareness of Truth.

Your perception of Truth, during your entire existence in physical reality, is always conditional. Your perception of it is filtered through your senses. You encounter this everyday as you act upon the judgements your mind forms as it continuously filters. To a degree, you have suspended disbelief, because you perceive the filtering as your own preferences.

Let’s suppose you are a coffee drinker and prefer to drink it lukewarm. You meet with a friend at a coffee shop. Both of you order a hot coffee beverage. Your friend immediately starts to sip theirs, while you remove the lid and let it cool off a bit. Clearly, you each have different notions of what is “too hot” yet this does not create any conflict. You accept that their preference is different from yours.

This mutual acceptance of individual preferences works to a limited degree, but it soon falls by the wayside when you each are presented with weighty topics such as war, social issues, politics and religion, etc. Suddenly, your perception “the truth” matters, and you quickly move from a harmonious state of neutrality to a state of chaos cluttered by an array of negative, fear-based feelings. Even if you refrain from voicing your opinion, you have one, and are very certain of it.

Now that we have explored filtered perceptions of Truth, we now turn to who, or whom, is in possession of the Truth. And, as you may have guessed, Truth cannot be possessed. It can only be perceived. Even what you see with your own two eyes, that is only your perception. As an entity within a physical body, you do not “see” everything, and what you do “see” is inherently biased. This explains why witness testimony can differ in a police investigation. Your mind has the powerful ability to shape your unique perspective of reality. Swearing “to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth” in a court of law is just another example of playing the game.

As you expand in consciousness, you have the ability to establish a higher connection to Truth. As you process your beliefs, gain clarity about your filters and soften your judgements, you clear the path to Truth. We did not say that pure unadulterated Truth doesn’t exist. Quite the opposite.

 Truth can be accessed in states of alignment. You have extrasensory powers capable of discerning Truth. You have a psychosomatic response to that which is called, not by accident, the “ring of truth” and not the “point of truth.” If you can openly expand yourself beyond the limitations of your sensory filters, judgements and opinions, your intuitive ability will greatly increase, as will your connection to Source Consciousness.

You have already within you this powerful gift, as a limitless being residing in a physical body. In fact, your body itself is a wonderful tool of discernment. It intrinsically accepts external conditions, and does not form judgements nor opinions about them. It can discern Truth, and the absence of Truth. The more that you sublimate who you truly are, and practice a lack of discernment, the more your body will react to the stress and conflict that you are consciously creating in your reality. The more you tap into your limitless and extraordinary nature, and practice discernment, the more you and your body will resonate with the Truth.

The Universal Spectrum of Truth awaits you. It only requires a shift in your perspective to stand in its presence.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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