The Bridge of Consciousness

As part of the first wave of ascension, you are a lightworker. In this time of awakening, your role will be as illuminating and as powerful as those you refer to as the Ascended Masters.

How is this so? How could your energetic sphere of influence compare to that of Yeshua, Krishna, Buddha, and the others?

In truth, the individuals who attained what you refer to as “enlightenment” served a purpose that corresponded to the collective level of consciousness achieved by humanity in their respective lifetimes. As such, the illumination path and corresponding directional energy was more vertical in nature. One individual ascended to the higher dimensions, and from that elevated plane they illuminated the thousands, or millions, who still dwelled in the lower dimension, what you might visualize as the base of the mountain.

In your present lifetime, the Ascended Masters continue to serve in their capacity as the illuminated ones casting their rays of light from the other side of the veil. Humanity’s ascension, however, has reached a point at which another source of illumination is required. We shall elaborate for your greater understanding.

The vertical path of enlightenment has now intersected a new path, which is the bridge of consciousness. In this time of spiritual integration, the directional energy is more horizontal in nature, as it bridges the widening gap between Love and Fear. As more and more individuals awaken, they see with greater clarity the difference between the love-based emotions and the fear-based emotions. This presents them with the choice to dwell consciously more in love, or more in fear.

Because humanity possesses free will, no single individual is ever isolated in fear. There exists in every moment the ability to move across the bridge to the love side of the spectrum. Illuminating the bridge from fear to love are the lightworkers. Because of their soul work, they can traverse the bridge without fear. And, in truth, they will time and again return to the fear side of the spectrum.

Why would a lightworker on the bridge of consciousness choose sometimes go back to the fear side, instead of always returning to the love side? The reason is that as long as they exist in physical reality, a lightworker shall never be absent fear. They will never be immune from the aspects of duality. However, the fear will serve a higher purpose for them. The darkness of fear is where a lightworker will perform their shadow work. This is a necessary part of soul work, and is the contrast that the lightworker requires. Because of their higher degree of spiritual development, they have the ability in those moments to balance both energies, for they have learned how to be in alignment and how to regain it when they are out of alignment.

The illuminated ladder of the Ascended Masters now converges with the illuminated bridge of the Lightworkers. In this brighter light, fear still has the ability to cast a shadow, but it has been reduced. It will be further reduced as the illusion of separation is one day replaced by oneness.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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